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Building Social Skills Among Homeschooled Children.

Updated on December 24, 2020
There are many places outside of school where children interact.
There are many places outside of school where children interact.
Many homeschoolers contend that their children are actually better adjusted socially.
Many homeschoolers contend that their children are actually better adjusted socially.

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Children Can Socialize Outside of the Schoolyard.

One of the most prevalent questions posed to parents who homeschool their children concerns the perceived absence of the opportunity for children to develop social skills. Frequently cited by opponents, one of the most enduring myths is that children can only be "socialized" by attending an organised school system. However, there are just as many, if not more, options for homeschooled children to develop and maintain relationships outside of the schoolyard. Many home schooling parents actually feel that their children are better equipped and more well adjusted than those who attended conventional school. And, in fact, several studies have supported that belief.

Homeschooled children don't grow up within a vacuous alternative world separated from all the children living in their neighborhood, visiting nearby parks, and attending local churches or community centers. In reality, outside of the time that other kids are confined to the classroom, homeschoolers can and do play with other children. Also, children registered as a homeschooler with their local public school district are allowed to participate in sports programs and extra curricular activities offered by their district. In addition, most parents of homeschoolers enroll their children in outside activities such as Scouts and church groups, art, ballet, swimming and dance lessons, etc. They don't live their lives as hermits locked away in their houses watching from afar as all the other children play and frolic outside.

Another advantage homeschooled children often have over traditionally educated children is increased exposure to children outside of their own age group and adults. Research has shown that this leads to increases in self confidence, maturation rates, and ability to adapt to different environments and social groups. In addition, it encourages independent thinking, creativity, and a strong will all of which are often suppressed by peer pressure.

In recent years, as interest in homeschooling has soared, many online resources have sprung up to aid fellow homeschoolers in connecting and planning mutual social activities. These include meetup groups, yahoo groups, and social networking sites in which parents can participate in field trips, play-dates, support groups, collective planning of curriculum, and sharing in resources such as textbooks and school materials.

Homeschooling - Socialization and Community


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