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The Energies of Caucasian Rugs

Updated on October 6, 2011

Deep in the mountainous heart of the Caucasus, the rhythmic thrumming of looms has echoed for thousands of years. Tradition has passed these skills from generation to generation, keeping the sounds of the loom echoing through the crags as they sustain the livelihood of those whose experienced hands work them. The beautiful rugs that emerge from these Caucasian huts have been prized by outsiders for thousands of years; they are the original Persian rugs, containing ancient symbolic meaning, treasured even today as the ideal addition to any cosmopolitan household.

Choosing the right Caucasian rugs is a task that involves a great deal of understanding about the patterns and symbols Azerbaijani weavers incorporate into their work. A rug that will be placed in a den or office should be chosen not only for its beauty, but also for the positive and productive energies that it instills in its surroundings. The Wheel of Life mandala, particularly one with small stars present inside the wheel, will turn the room’s focus towards balance, dignity and the fruitful rewards that are reaped with such an approach to life. Similarly, a rug patterned with the gazelle promotes actions that are dignified, graceful, and swift. In an environment focused on work or accomplishment, these positive energies tangibly inspire a new level of achievement. A boteh can also have this effect due to its emphasis on the perpetual cycle of growth and regeneration. For someone with a career fraught with challenge and adversity, the energy of a Caucasian rug imbued with the boteh will offer encouragement to forge through life’s challenges and emerge in a shower of success.

As energizing as these patterns can be, they would be wholly inappropriate to place in an environment focused on the family and warmth. In such an instance, it would be advisable to choose a Caucasian rug that emphasizes energies beneficial to a family’s harmony. The Azerbaijani have always considered the rosette, for example, as a symbol of the harmonization of knowledge and emotion, especially the warmth and love that is fostered in a family environment. The dragon and the phoenix pattern fosters similar, balanced energies but also encourages the nurturing of a new life; the Caucasian rugs sporting the dragon and the phoenix is a meaningful presence in the home of a family yearning to grow.

Clearly abundant in both texture and meaning, Caucasian rugs are suited for either formal or informal decorating. Their geometrical patterns and corresponding colors accentuate the tone of the room they are placed in, enhancing the aura of curiosity inherent in a child’s playroom or subtly encouraging the refined atmosphere of a room full of elegant antiques depending on the owner’s whim. These hand-woven pieces are versatile and timeless: the perfect addition to any well-fitted home.

Caucasian Rugs
Caucasian Rugs | Source
Caucasian Rugs
Caucasian Rugs | Source
Caucasian Rugs
Caucasian Rugs | Source
Caucasian Rugs
Caucasian Rugs | Source


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