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The Economic Impact of Cigarettes and Liquors in the Corporate World of Health Care

Updated on August 4, 2017
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

      Do you now that the cigarettes and liquors have the highest percentage of corporate tax and revenue in the economy of the countries around the world ? They are the deadly killers for all and the lifeblood of broadcast/print media and the pharmaceutical companies. Those who are addicted and afflicted by illness such as cancer, hypertension, arthritis and other health effects have the staggering corporate earnings for pharmaceutical companies, drugstores, advertising agency, hospital and medical cares.

      For social occasions and parties, liquors have tremendous market for red wine, beer, and whiskey including cigarette. It is accepted lifestyle as personal vices that symbolize the natural of social interaction of the modern world. These are also present in bar, clubs and disco houses. The nightlife of professionals, office workers and students consumed much as social drinks.

      The corporate world invested so much in this life style in the urban areas to get big chunk of profit share in these companies is in the research and development including product promotion. This will be distributed to the authorized commercial outlet such as drugstores, hospital and medical centers. The end users on the therapeutic actions of drugs are sold form these commercial outlets.

      The health of the professionals is at stake because of the growing unhealthy lifestyle that produces personal addiction on liquors and cigarette. These unhealthy lifestyles consequently produce deadly illness such as cancer, TB, hypertension and other non-communicable diseases.

     There are additional expenses as a consequence of the unhealthy life style which include physician check up, medical bills, drug expenses and other relevant medicines.

      The usual recommendations from the health experts must be taken into moderation to prevent the risk on common illness on this nature such cancer, hypertension, heart attack, and arthritis. The combination of the social vices on cigarette and liquors remain the deadliest illness complication for cancer. There is a calculated health risk wherein it lower life expectancy for the users.This provided direct complications as a consequence of unhealthy life style including poor nutrients, stress, work overload, and no enough exercise that may aggravate the illness.

      Economic impact on corporate revenues is the constant visit, confinement, treatment and medication to hospital, clinics, and medical centers to treat the early signs of deadly diseases such as hypertension, cancer, arthritis and other complications. The assumed the health expenses are: (1) professional fees; (2) user medical fees for hospital facilities and equipment; (3) drug expenses; and (4) regular diagnostic check up.

      Economic translation for these personal vices may mean the higher the number of consumers for cigarettes and liquors, the higher level of revenues in medical consultation, and medication for hospitals, clinics, medical centers and pharmaceutical companies and drugstores. It should be noted that the longer the sufferings of those cancer patients and other complications may provide high medical expenses. As a result of this, there is better corporate revenue for pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions not to mention the gratifying commercial promotions of cigarettes and liquors.

     Therefore, the growing economy of the commercial advertisements for liquor and cigarettes has provided the unhealthy life style of the society. The medical corporate world provides therapeutic drugs for us to suffer more on medical fees, poor health conditions and long suffering of death as we are addicted by the gratifying utility of cigarettes and liquors.

     On the economics of death and suffering on social class, there is more suffering with that high income class than the low income class .Why? The wealthy class has more money for the confinement and treatment on illness due to the addiction of liquor and cigarette. They remain the bulk of revenues for the medical centers and pharmaceutical companies? How about the poor patients? Don’t worry about them because they die immediately for health complications. Why? Of course, they don’t have enough money to pay for their long suffering because of these dreaded gratifying ordeals of social consumption.

Okay! Let drink to that and find time to relax with the smoke of cigarette that is good for the economy on the revenue tax taken from the pharmaceutical companies and health institutions.


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