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A Classroom Management Plan That Works: Classroom Discipline 101

Updated on July 13, 2017

Classroom Discipline 101: Discover Effective Classroom Management Techniques

You need a classroom management plan that works because school has changed since we were kids. As you know many classrooms around the world are facing challenges with student behavior. Do you have a classroom that is unruly, noisy, out of control or sometimes even dangerous. Do you feel unsafe in your own classroom? If you have answered yes to any of these questions you could use a break, am I right?

As a parent, we all want what is best for our kids. We want them to be safe in school, and to be able to learn effectively [so they can become doctors and pay for our retirement years =) ].

In all seriousness though if your classroom is not calm, quiet and respectful learning is down right hard if not impossible.

That is why I want to share with you Craig Seganti's book Classroom Discipline 101 - A highly regarded guide to effective classroom management. If you are here looking where to buy Classroom Discipline 101 you can get started on your new respectful class here because it is time for you to rediscover why you wanted to become a teacher, and help your students reach their full potential.

Who is Craig Seganti?

And why should you buy his classroom discipline book?

Craig Seganti's successful approach to classroom discipline: "Classroom Discipline 101"-has been featured in C. M. Charles' book Building Classroom Discipline (10th Edition). Charles' text has been the industry leader in classroom management and classroom discipline techniques that work best for teachers and students and he devoted a whole chapter to Craig's Classroom Discipline 101 ebook!

Craig Seganti has been a teacher in inner city Los Angeles' toughest schools for the past 20 years - so he knows a thing or two about classroom discipline and effective classroom management plans. Craig has:

  • Taught over 11,000 different secondary students in the inner-city and elsewhere around Los Angeles of all ages, abilities and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Been a full time teacher, long term substitute or day to day substitute in over 80 secondary schools.
  • Taught juvenile offenders in the Los Angeles County Probation Camps.

Mr. Seganti (or Mr. Classroom Discipline as he's been called) has had to deal with some of the most difficult students this country has to offer, and guess what? He has no classroom management problems whatsoever $6! Can you imagine what that means to the success of your students? I know you can, It means your students actually learn! (and you will have a lot less stress and enjoy teaching!)

What a novel idea - students actually listening to your lesson plans - and enjoying it! I'm not a teacher and I get excited by that. Let me introduce you to Craig Seganti he will tell you all about Classroom Discipline 101 - I would love it if you could re-discover the reason you became a teacher like so many others because teachers can be one of the most positive influences on children.

What is Classroom Discipline 101?

An ebook that shows you how to maintain classroom control

Classroom Discipline 101 is a popular e-book full of effective classroom management techniques. It's a great resource if you are a new teacher or seasoned veteran looking for help with a difficult classroom. Author Craig Seganti is a teacher who has worked with thousands of children as well as with juvenile offenders over the past 20 years. He compiled his most effective techniques into this e-book to provide you with every tool you need to handle any student, no matter how problematic.

You will learn how to eliminate behavior problems so you can spend your time teaching instead of disciplining. Not only will your students be well-behaved, they will actually pay attention to what you are teaching (it really is inspiring hearing the many comments from teachers who use his techniques!) You'll learn how to handle a class that is already out of control and what to do if administration doesn't back you up. With everything you'll learn in this book, you'll be able to go home relaxed at the end of the day instead of frazzled and stressed.

Your students will be respectful, quiet and on-task from the very start of each class. With Classroom Discipline 101, you'll be able to bring your classroom under control and finally regain that love you have for teaching.

5 Biggest Discipline Mistakes Teachers Make for Kindle - Craig Seganti's classroom management guide now on Kindle!!

For you Amazon Kindle users you can now discover the secret to a respectful classroom right on your Kindle. There are several basic mistakes many teachers make when trying to discipline disrespectful students. Classroom Discipline 101 author Craig Seganti goes over 5 of the biggest mistakes and what you can do to fix them. Now for sale on Amazon and easily downloaded right to your Kindle. Purchase below for $2.99.

5 Biggest Discipline Mistakes Teachers Make: and What to Do Instead!
5 Biggest Discipline Mistakes Teachers Make: and What to Do Instead!
"I have never read a better book on the subject of classroom discipline. You have nailed it. Your take on school administration is spot-on. I have been empowered, however, by the simple steps of achieving freedom from manipulation. I read and reread your book, and feel better everyday. The sick feeling of dread I had daily at the prospect of spending the day w/ 7th graders is diminishing."

Does Classroom Discipline 101 Work?

Kind words and success stories about Classroom Discipline 101

If you need any motivation what so ever take a look at his "success stories" page (go to the Classroom Discipline home page and click the "Testimonials" tab at top) - there are some pretty moving letters from teachers who have seen amazing results with his book. Below is one of my favorites:


I just couldn't be more thrilled, and amazed with the transformation in my work day.

I have two thirds of the football team in my 3rd block class and never thought I would see what I now see every day! They are huge and wild and hyper just out of lunch and a few minutes of unstructured recess before my class time, but now I catch them collecting themselves right before the walk through my door! Then 90 minutes of carefree serious teaching and learning with quiet and respectful students follows. (P.S. We still have fun.) When they leave, not a scrap of trash is on that floor. I am amazed.

Thank you, again. Virginia

Classroom Management Plan Instructional Videos - See some classroom management experts in action

Here is Craig Seganti himself talking about his classroom management plan and what you need to get your classroom under control for the 2014-2015 school year.

If you are reading this well formed, well written, eloquent review so far (if he can get a cool title like Mr. Classroom Discipline I want one too - call me Mr. Modest) you must be thinking to yourself

"I really NEED this, my students are driving me crazy!"

Or, maybe you just have one or two students that rile up the rest and you are pulling out your hair trying to figure out the best plan to get them all to listen.

Well, you are in luck - for a limited time, if you act now I will send you a FREE, yes I said FREE link to his ebook sales page - WOW!

What, you're not impressed? Ok, I have a bit to learn about book promotion, but I figure he can teach you his classroom management plan the best so I'll just point you in the right direction and he can show you why you really do need this highly successful book on Classroom Discipline so you can create your own classroom management plan that works for you.

Quick Note (or not so quick): I link to Craig's sales page throughout this review. He sells his methods in the form of an e-book that you download. I wholeheartedly endorse Craig's eBook. I've spoken with him directly and his methods are working for thousands of teachers all over the world - it really is inspiring to see the success teachers are having with his methods and I would love it if you had that kind of success too.

Classroom Discipline Debate - Should teachers have to discipline our children?

My father was a teacher for 40 years, and I know that there was a student or two that caused a few problems in the classroom. But these days classrooms have changed, the horror stories we hear and the difficulty teachers have with students has gotten way out control. Without an effective classroom management plan I just don't know how kids learn anything.

So who is responsible for our children's behavior, us as parents or should teachers "teach" proper behavior?

What do you have to say - let the debate begin...

Classroom Discipline Mistake #1

Trying to Discipline the Whole Class at Once

Mr. Classroom Discipline teaches you the best way to avoid this and 4 other classic discipline mistakes in his FREE report:

"5 Discipline Mistakes Teachers Make"

If you have tips and suggestions for teachers to help get their classrooms under control I'm sure they would appreciate the help - leave us a little message - or just send out a hey ho-how's it going


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