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Toy Clocks For Teaching Time To Kids

Updated on March 12, 2013

How To Teach A Child To Tell Time Using A Toy Clock

Toys make learning fun. Learning to tell time should be no different. With a little creativity and right tools kids can play and learn to tell time not even knowing they are learning a thing. A toy clock can be a useful tool when teaching a child to tell time.

1. As you have a spare minute point to the second hand out on the learning clock to your child. Demonstrate how the second hand goes around the clock once a minute a few time until they understand the concept. Take this step nice and slow this step alone can take a week or a month depending on how fast they start to comprehend.

2. After the second hand is mastered introduced your child to the minute hand. Demonstrate how the minute hand moves after the second hand goes around once. After they have grasped a little let them show you. Don't move on to fast it can take it take more then a few days or few weeks to grasp it.

3. Take time to reinforce what they have learned let them time a minute of a TV show or a minute of doing something they are waiting on you for. This is a great thing to do when there is a little empty time. As they get use to minute passing have them graduate to a longer time such a five minute and ten minute.

4. Have them practice using free online computer games or working with a toy clock.

5. After they are confident in working with minutes introduce them to longer time periods such as an hour. Demonstrate how much the second and minute hand goes around to give an hour. This step can just take a few seconds but it may need to be done once every few days for a few weeks for a child to grasp it.

6. After they have an understanding of it, ask your child simple questions about time. Be sure to ask them every now and then what time it is.

7. Above all keep the learning to tell time fun for your child and be patient. Some children will grasp the whole concept in a short time while others may need a lot more time.

Fun Clock Toys Perfect For Teaching Time Telling Skills - Is There a Perfect Toy Clock to Teach Time?

There is not a perfect toy clock to teach time that will magically teach any child to learn to tell time. And with the way the world is not kids are less and less exposed to analog clocks, making it up to the parents to put it out there to teach them without just expecting that they will eventually catch on.

The best way to expose kids to telling time is through fun and play. Choosing a toy clock to teach time is not about the most fancy clock but what clock will get your child interested in learning to tell time.

Free Online Computer Games For Learning To Tell TIme - Learn To Time Throug Online Games

Kids start the computer early. Using the computer is one way to get kids interested in learning to tell time. Below are a few links to free online games that will help teach a kid to tell time.

Best Learn To Tell Time Book For Kids - Books Are A Great Way to Introduce Time

As parents we read to our kids all the time, kids listen to books and learn from them. Use this method to introduce the need to tell time to them and the process of telling time. With this understanding they will be able to grasp the subject a lot easier.

Tell Me What the Time Is (Whiz Kids)
Tell Me What the Time Is (Whiz Kids)

The Whiz Kids are the perfect character to introduce time telling to kids.


Personal Kids Clock For Bedroom - An alarm Clock That Can Also Double As Teaching Kids To Tell TIme.

If your planning to by a alarm clock for your kids room so they can be more independent as they learn to get up in the morning this clock is the perfect tool for learning to tell time and understanding why the skill is necessary.

Mirari Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock & Night-Light
Mirari Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock & Night-Light

Adorable child's bedside alarm clock, time-teaching educational game, and dual-color nightlight all in one


Kids Songs and Fun Activities For Learning To Tell Time

Songs are a fun way for younger kids to learn. Sometimes they will surprise you just how fast they can learn using a song and rhythm method.

A Good A To Start Teaching A Child Time

Mom Teaches Girl To Tell Time On Toy Clock
Mom Teaches Girl To Tell Time On Toy Clock

What is the best age to start to teach a child to tell time?

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What Age Do You Feel Is The Right Time To Start Teaching A Child To Read?

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    • TonyPayne profile image

      Tony Payne 6 years ago from Southampton, UK

      As early as possible. Some parents are lazy and think it's up to the school to teach kids to read, but many children are ready to begin reading between 2 and 3 years.