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Flying Dragon Cloud

Updated on October 8, 2011

Flying Dragon Cloud

A very long time ago, dragons roamed the earth. They were for the most part gentle, sometimes misunderstood creatures. Some dragons would guard the king’s treasure. The dragon was such a fierce protector that even when the king died no one was able to get the treasure. There are many species of dragons, the fire-breathing dragon, the flying dragon, and the serpentine dragon. Not all dragons interacted with humans, the ones that did were always at risk. Some say dragon slayers, like today’s modern hunters, were responsible for the extinction of dragons. A case in point these animals were hunted to extinction the Tasmanian tiger, Toolache wallaby, dodo bird, and the Quagga. Or are the dragons of today just better at hiding themselves from us like the white humpback whale, the white killer whale, and the Sei whale.

There are many legends about dragons. Some say the dragons were just dinosaurs but who’s to say that some dinosaurs were actually dragons.

Did dragons exist? Maybe or maybe not, who really knows?

While driving home the cloud below slowly lowered, then completely separated from the dark sky and cloud above. It drifted like that for a quite some time, and then disappeared into the cloud above. The cloud itself was about 2 miles long. You can see how big it is in picture three.

It was quite interesting to watch. Of course, we all know it’s just the water vapors in the cloud reacting to the wind current, or is it? See the little horn or spine on the back of its head, wings tucked back against its body. Another spine on it's back or maybe that's a wing. You can also make out an open mouth look at the other pictures.

Both my children think it looks like a Pokémon named Lugia. Lugia is a white flying type Pokémon.

You be the judge scroll down and take our poll.

Cloud watching can be very fun, ever watched them to see what you can discover.

Head of the dragon

dragon poll

Could dragons have been real?

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    • kerlynb profile image

      kerlynb 5 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

      Look at that interesting cloud formation! It could be a dragon, it could Lugia, it could even be a manta ray! Thanks for this hub, makes me want to go cloud watching one time.

    • profile image

      austin 6 years ago

      Dragons are real? cool.