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How To Gain The Confidence To Talk To A Girl

Updated on May 26, 2015

Gain Confidence And Talk To A Girl

When you are not used to talking to a girl and not very confident, it can all seem so daunting. Maybe there is a particular girl you would like to talk to and get to know better, but you just don't have the confidence to take the necessary steps. Or maybe you have a fear of rejection and are afraid to look foolish in front of your mates.

Whatever the reason for your lack of confidence when talking to a girl, there is a solution to your problem. It may be hard for you to believe right at this moment, but with practice and the right forumula, you could soon have the confidence to talk to a girl.

Talk To A Girl With Confidence

Practice Makes Perfect When Talking To A Girl

The first thing to remember when trying to find the confidence to talk to a girl, is to just relax and be yourself. Maybe it seems easier said than done, but if you do pluck up the courage to talk to a girl what is the worst that can happen? She may reject you and turn away, but so what? If it happens just shrug and walk away. Move on and don't take it personally. We all have different tastes, so move on and get over it. Don't get hung up on it or all bitter and twisted. That will get you nowhere. I bet for every girl that rejects you there are plenty more that would love to talk to you.

So how can you tell if a girl is interested in you? Just look for the signs!

How To Be Confident Talking To A Girl

Look Out For Body Language When Talking To A Girl

Body language can play a large part in being able to tell if you are on to a winner when talking to a girl. When you first see a girl you are interested in getting to know, whether at a party, a bar or even in the street, just look over at her and if she looks back at you, smile. If she smiles back and then you know she is interested in you. If she looks away and doesn't look back at you again, then she is obviously not interested in you.

When you first start talking to a girl, just keep it simple. For example you could ask her name and what music she likes. When she answers be sure to give her all your attention. Just ask her a few questions about herself now and then and you will probably find she will do most of the talking. Girls love to talk about themselves.

If she playing with her hair when she talks to you that is a good sign. Girls tend to play with their hair when they are interested in they guy they are talking to, this is done completely subconsciously. If she is leaning slightly towards you when you are talking, that is another sign she likes you.

If all goes well, at the end of the conversation, say you would love to see her again and give her your phone number and leave it up to her to call you. Don't be too pushy as this will get you nowhere.

Overconfident Talking To Girls - How Not To Do It

Tips On How To Talk To A Girl With Confidence

Practice Talking To Girls

Practice makes perfect and the more you talk to girls, the more confident you will become when talking to a girl you like. So just make it a habit of talking to every girl you encounter in your every day life.

For instance, talk to the girl at the checkout when you are doing your shopping. You don't have to fancy the girl, but just make casual conversation. When you are waiting for the bus or train, if there is a female standing next to you in the queue, just strike up a conversation with her. Even if it is just about the weather or the state of the economy. Talk to the girls you work with. Talking shop with a female colleague will give you more confidence. After a bit of time and practice talking to any girl will just become second nature to you and it won't feel like such a big deal when you do meet a girl you fancy and want to chat up.

You Will Have the Confidence To Talk To A Girl

Confidence To Talk To a Girl Will Become Second Nature

When you go out with the intention of meeting a girl and you want to have the confidence to talk to a girl you must dress for the part. Depending on what look you wish to achieve, make sure your clothes are comfortable and well fitting. Wear clothes that make you feel good. If you feel good, you will look good too and be more confident.

Be a fun person, but avoid loutish smutty jokes, save those for a night out with the guys. Girls love a guy who makes her laugh, but don't try too hard to tell jokes and funny stories if your no good at telling jokes, just have a good sense of humour.

Be prepared. Prepare yourself by planning on topics of conversation so you can avoid those awkward silences. Just write a list of interesting but lighthearted subjects and memorise them.

Don't bore her with your life history. Even if she is a good listener, don't tell her every single thing about yourself. Just keep things simple and concentrate on enjoying each others company and having fun.

Find The Confidence To Talk To A Girl

If you feel you need more help and confidence to talk to a girl you should try this simple step by step formula that will help you to talk to a girl so she feels immediately attracted to you. Learn the secrets of attracting any girl you want, even if you are shy and have failed miserably in the past.

Learn the secrets of how to have the confidence to talk to a girl and you could soon have the girl of your dreams!

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