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CSCS Health and Safety Test

Updated on June 15, 2014

In order to start working on a constuction site in the UK you will need proof of qualification and on-site safety awaresness also known as CSCS Card.There are different types of CSCS Cards depending on your proffesion but they all have something in common - to get one you need to pass a CSCS Health and Safety Test.

The CSCS test consists of 40 to 50 multiple choice questions all related to your daily work on the construction site. The test is taken on a computer but there are no computer skills required. The Health and Safety Test usually takes up to 45 minutes to complete. Unfortunatelly currently you are unable to take the test online - you have to take it in a CITB accredited CSCS Test Center

CSCS Training Materials on Amazon

Preparing for the CSCS Health and Safety Test

All question in the CSCS Health and Safety test are closely related to your profession and some generic health and safety procedures, so if you are experienced worker you shouldn't have any problems passing. But if you want some additional help preparing for the test you can purchase a training book from any of the test centers or Amazon. The books include CSCS questions and answers as well well as CSCS Health and Safety mock test for the different cards. Usually before passing the actual test the centers may give you a quick CSCS mock test so you can get used to the system.

If English is not your first language don't worry. Both the training materials and the CSCS Health and Safety test are translated in the following languages: English, Polish, German, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Punjabi.


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