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darn a casket, wrap my body in a silk cloth and stretcher

Updated on June 9, 2015

Darn You Marijuana I will always love YOU


darn a casket wrap my body In a silk cloth and stretcher

Darn a Casket,when I die Bury ME in a Silk Red Cloth. Cremate my body..

Bongiwe You are my Family.

When my body is collected from the mortuary.

Take it to my town house.

‎Bongiwe or Ngwetes children don't bother
buying ‎A Casket.

A Silk cloth is all my body needs covering the ‎remains of my Corpse.

Cremate ‎ME within Two weeks‎, Just like Mama ‎Joyce,

Daddy is so proud of me.

I'm ready to die.

Peace to my role moles Biggie and Pac.

‎‎My Gods Daddy , Dad Black Dillinger ‎
Mummy Acoustic Angel‎, I can't wait for you to hug

I am your first Born Nkosinathi Renaissance

Gods Poet Me Ncala‎.

Buddha Watch my thoughts motives actions and

Juddi Kirishnamurti. Capture the Image before it
becomes a thought.

Benedict Bach Spinoza God is Nature all the

elements and images in our world heart and mind.

Socrates the birth of intelligence and

understanding ‎I love you my God.............

My Lord Jesus ‎Christ, when all else has failed US,‎


Within two weeks of my death.....

Bongiwe Nkgwete and my Nephews....

Carry my body in a hoarse red.‎To our ‎town house.‎

No casket.

A stretcher carrying my dead body.

Wrapped in a ‎Red Silk cloth.‎

Cremate my Corpse................

When my body gets to Our Town house .

My Home..

Play the following songs.

Tupac my God and Hero

Hit em Up. Lord Jesus.......‎
All eyes on ME
Keep your HEAD Up
2 of America's most Wanted Pac and Snoop.
Me against the world.
So Many Tears.
Hail Mary.
Unconditional Love.
Never call you Bitch Again.
Thug Mansion.
Never be Peace
Whatcha gonna do?
When I get free
‎ My favourite song in the whole
earth and universe.‎
‎‎When Thugs Cry.

This ain't living.‎
My closest raw dawg.

Tupac Rest in Peace ‎........


‎Marshal Matters EP 1 play the entire album.

‎‎Saint Michael Jackson any song‎.

‎‎Emeli Saunde Our version of events. Play entire

Cremate me.

4 800 poems.

Hubpages my publisher and record label.......‎

‎‎Leona‎ lewis ‎ Spirit entire Album ‎‎‎Gods Poet Nkosi


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