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Super Tornado Outbreak of 2011

Updated on May 20, 2015

The April 27, 2011 Deadly Tornado Outbreak

On April 27, 2011, the South and Southeastern United States witnessed the worst tornado outbreak that the U. S. has seen since the Super Tornado Outbreak of 1974. The 2011 series of storms contained over 265 tornadoes, and left over 355 people dead in it's wake. Although five states were impacted by this outbreak, the State of Alabama was especially hard hit, with the city of Tuscaloosa suffering a direct hit from a strong EF4 twister.

Public domain photo courtesy Wikipedia/NOAA

Tuscaloosa Tornado

The "Tri-state" tornado was the single deadliest tornado to strike the U. S. The twister killed 695 people along a 219 mile long track that covered parts of Missouri, Illinois and Indiana on March 18, 1925.

Enhanced Fujita Scale

The Fujita Scale is used to rate the relative strength of tornadoes. The scale has been in place since 1971, with the updated, "enhanced" scale implemented in 2006.

  • EF0---Winds: 65-85 MPH---Minor or no damage.
  • EF1---Winds: 86-110 MPH---Moderate damage.
  • EF2---Winds: 111-135 MPH---Considerable damage.
  • EF3---Winds: 136-165 MPH---Severe damage.
  • EF4---Winds: 166-200 MPH---Extreme damage.
  • EF5---Winds: 201+ MPH---Complete destruction of buildings.

Farmville, Virginia Twister

Quick Tornado Question

Have you ever seen a live tornado (not on TV)?

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Mississippi Tornado

Birmingham Twister

Fast Tornado Facts

  1. Although tornadoes can occur at any time, they are most commonly seen between 3 and 9 P. M.
  2. Tornadoes have occurred in every State in the U. S.
  3. Each year there are roughly 1,200 tornadoes in the United States.
  4. Less than one percent of all tornadoes are rated F4 or stronger, but those twisters account for 70+ percent of tornado-related fatalities.
  5. The average tornado moves from Southwest to Northeast, but tornadoes can be unpredictable and can move in any direction.
  6. On average, the month of May sees the most tornadic activity.
  7. Australia ranks second to the United States in total yearly tornadoes.

Alabama Aftermath

Aerial video shot of the devastation caused by a nearly mile-wide tornado in Jefferson County Alabama, April 27.

Home Weather Stations

Make your own weather forecast with these great tools.

Photos here courtesy Wikipedia.

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    • waldenthreenet profile image

      waldenthreenet 6 years ago

      Appearance of Torando seems to be increasing in USA, particularly in the Tornado Alley and east coast near the gulf stream geography. I have done a Ham Radio Hobby lens to link preparation for tornadoes. I voted "Like" on this valuable lens. thanks.

    • pbrite profile image

      pbrite 6 years ago

      so far this year, 35 states have been affected by tornadoes. and they aren't all in the south. No one is immune. You can't stop a tornado, but you can survive the aftermath. Prepare for recovery!

    • daisydaryl profile image

      daisydaryl 6 years ago

      My heart goes out to those poor people affected by the tornadoes. It's just crazy to fathom your house perfectly fine one minute and then gone the next.

    • profile image

      moonlitta 6 years ago

      Tornadoes are unlikely and almost unthinkable to happen where I live. Still it's good to be informed and know what might happen even in the farthest parts of the world (which US happens to be for me).

    • profile image

      promotional-coupons-codes 6 years ago

      I'm sad about latest Tornado. Sometimes when I look at these videos it make me feel that end of world will be like this only.