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Where do people go when they die? Death mysteries!

Updated on December 26, 2016

You call it death. But it is God who leaves the body. His vibration stops in the body. Unless the mind is fully satisfied it will continue to come into this world. People who were together come together again.

When a person is born. One day he must leave the body. Only the body changes and transforms while the soul exists. The elements of the body transform and change. The combination of hydrogen and oxygen form water, again under certain conditions oxygen and hydrogen separate and go to their former conditions.

If we say vanish it is not correct. The word transformation or change is more correct. The mystery is the attachment for the body. We feel nothing for oxygen or hydrogen so we feel nothing about their transformation or change. We feel sorry for the death of a parent or whoever it may be because of an attachment. Death is nothing but a change or transformation.

In you with the infinite within , lie the spiritual or divine energy. When this energy cease to exist, it is death. It is like electricity. Though it can't be seen, it can be only felt. When the mind can resort to another body, it blossoms forth again.

Life is eternal. What you call death is a phase and is concerned only with the body. The body consists of matters which dissolve in time to their original form. But the self has no dissolution. Try to understand the origin. If you catch hold of the root, then you will understand the branches.


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    • Cleanclover profile image

      Cleanclover 6 years ago from Piece of land!

      Christina there is no reason why something happens. We have to just accept it and move on. Time heals everything.

    • profile image

      christina 6 years ago

      Why did god take my best friend from me which i still cant understand my dad meant everything to me can someone tell me why

    • profile image

      THEOBSERVER 7 years ago

      I apologize for all the typographical errors that I made in my previous comment. As you could tell I am very nervous still about my whole situation. I just wanted to clarify further in an attempt to help the women readers here that when the problems continued with my aunt's abnormal bleeding/ she went to the emergency room where they operated immediately because they told me that everything was swelling in her abdomen, including as I mentioned in my previous comment, her fallopian tubes. I still remember the doctor on the telephone saying to me that if he had not done the surgery should would have died immediately. I have a very strong feeling that it was this problem which caused her death because she was still complaining of pain and I kept saying to her " Mima you have to go back to the hospital and the same doctor who did your last surgery to see what he has to say about all this ". She could not go along and had no one to go with her or was stubborn or may be it was a combination of all this. THis has been so horrible, a terrifying and very painful experience for all of us here. Thank you.

    • profile image

      THEOBSERVER 7 years ago

      I pray to God to heal those souls who are in pain after they lost their loved ones. My heart hurt when I read some of the detailed accounts here on some people lost their family members; grandmothers, mothers, brothers, etc. I am close to 50 years old. I did not know I would ever be in such a situation as now. I have just lost my mother's sister. She was helping us ( just my mother and grandmother ) with grandmother. Grandmother has become 100 years old as of December 24, 2011. The poor lady, a saint for me, would take the Greyhoudn bus in Montreal to come and help us take care of grandmother. We never wanted to put her in a nursing home and like one reader here comments " life is fast and I dont want time to ever run out with them ". This is our fear and she was helping us, my poor aunt. She had her own health issues which I could never guess in a million years that they would become so serious. My mother, my brother who is married and living far and my grandmother are still in shock over all this. For me this is very difficult because it is the first time in my life at this time that I experience death in my family. For my grandmother this is still difficult because she has seen all her old friends and family members of course pass away. I know she is sad over all these events. I feel especially sorry for her because my aunt was her first daughter that died after so long in my grandmother's and our lives. Your article here where you mention that death is only a transformation has, like the reader who lost his poor grandmom says, " made my day ". It is a very nice article that will heal the pain in all of us who have lost loved ones and who cannot accept death. My aunt died at 71 of lymphoma, a disease that swells the lymph nodes in the body. She was complaining for close to 6 years of a constant cough. She did not want to get treated here in the US because she was afraid of the large medical bills. In Canada they have a national health insurance and She always used to say that she needed to go back for her follow up appointments. The problem is that her " good family there " was " sick " of seeing her go to the hospitals all the time. They did not believe that she was sick and probably thought that she was exaggerating. My aunt had a case of " abnormal bleeding " with her period about 15 years ago or so where the blood from the endometrium goes inside the body instead of outside like in most normal cases. Her doctors were saying that this was strange because young women have periods which stop around 50 in some people. Her condition is called Endometriosis. Her condition got worse because when the blood from her period entered her inside the abdomen her fallopian tubes swelled up and caused extreme pain. The cells from this endometrium by nature enlarge because it is this area that accomodated the baby when it is born in the woman's womb. These same cells, I read in another article, " ACT LIKE CANCER BECAUSE THEY ARE GROWING BUT THEY ARE NOT CANCER " and I think this is where our answer is. These cells continued to cause inflammation until they alerted the lymph nodes which caused them to swell up. The lymph nodes in my aunt's neck were swollen they said after doing a CT scan of her entire body in the emergency room. It is these lymph nodes in the neck which were causing my poor aunt to cough constantly. There was no evidende of infection in her lungs, no where. All her blood work was fine until the last few days of her life when platelets and white blood cell levels started changing. It seems that her own cells from the endomitrium which went into her body all these years cause a " false alert " in her body causing the lymph nodes to swell all over her body. She was even doing bloody stools in her last few days. THe lymph nodes were probably breaking.

      I had my own issues to deal with here in the States with grandmom's health and my mother's diabetes, but I was willing to go and stay with my aunt to help her with her appointments there. The doctors in Montreal are French speaking and some of them do speak English, so for my aunt this was a challenge. Our native language is Spanish. I had my own health issues and I was planning to go and help her, as soon as my recent issues and problems stabilized. I had just almost seen death myself on a highway here. I was hit by a driver on a highway who fell asleep. He came out of his car and simply apologized to me. What an excuse right? After almost killing me at 70 miles an hour out there. After the impact he almost pushed me against the metal railing on the highway. The car instead ended up doing a 180 degree turn. I think this is what saved me. He destroyed my car and caused me some injuries and then a few weeks after I had to deal with my mother's death. My list continues, but I cannot detail it here too much. I pray that my poor aunt is okay and your article is giving me this hope. We are all still in pain and in shock. I feel for those reader here who lost their loved ones too, because I cannot deal with this. I almost feel like it is my fault. My aunt was probably depending on me and I did not save her. I am a laboratory technologist. I took her to a doctor here in the US and he told me that he thought it was just an allergy problem. According to another doctor this first doctor did not necessarily goof, but he should have ordered more tests. All they were doing were Chest X rays and no CT scans until things got more complicated. These CT scans though were done in Montreal, Canada not in the US because she did not want to be treated here. I still cannot accept this an dont know what will happen to my mentality now. My mother wishes that this was only a dream. I like your article because it gives us some hope and some peace in our hearts. Thank you and God bless all you readers who are also in this kind of terrible pain too over your loved ones. This is very very difficult to cope with.

    • profile image

      THEOBSERVER 7 years ago


    • profile image

      ThinkUp 7 years ago

      Check out real stories from people who died. NEW documentary: Where Do People Go When They Die?

    • Daniel Carter profile image

      Daniel Carter 7 years ago from Western US

      Death is God who leaves the body. What an interesting insight. The longer I live, the more I see this is true. We are God, manifesting a life through him. All intriguing. A very good hub. I'm glad to be one of your newest followers. Kindest and best, my friend.

    • munirahmadmughal profile image

      munirahmadmughal 8 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan.

      Life and death are both creation of God. He has created everything. And his creation is not futile. The purpose of life and death is that it may be seen whose performance on the earth is the mot excellent. There is an appointed time for each soul to live and then for every soul is going to taste the death. This is an exprience seen by each one of us. Age, gender, colour, status, family, place have no power to stop when death comes.

      After death there is again life in the Hereafter. There will be reckoning and then reward or punishment as the case may be. The Day is called the Day of Judgment.

      Right and wrong has been made distinct. Right conduct will bear reward wrong conduct will bring punishment. However, the Creator is lord of all the worlds, the Beneficent , the Merciful. Door of repentance is open till the last breath.

      The mankind and the Jinns have been created to worship Allah alone. All things in the heavens and earth have been subdued for man and he can explore andharness the hidden trreasures kept for him by using the faculties kept in him as potentials. Good effort n ever goes unrewarded. Oppression and injustice bring bad consequences, sooner or later.

      Man is to man himself and behave in a manner that rights of all are duly respected and paid. Dishonesty in any form is to be shunned. Obscenity both,open and hidden,is to be avoided. Ill gains of any kind are not to be tempted and lawful and pure earning is to be made. Service of humanity must remain the focus throughout ones career as a human being. Pollution of all kinds is to be removed. Standards fixed by the society are to be practically honoured. Liberty is to be used in graceful manner whereby others are not hurt the least. Thanksgiving and appreciation of others honest efforts cost nothing. Rather those promote cordial atmosphere. It is our good conduct that makes the death sweet and honourable. It is our bad conduct that makes the death bitter and causing disgrace. The Holy Qur'an says: Beware, the friends of God are such who will neither have any fear of the future nor grief of the past. They are such people who believe and conduct goodly throughout their life span. Their life here as well as in the Hereafter shall be pure and dignified and there is gladtidings for them even at the time of their death.

    • Neferkaptah profile image

      Neferkaptah 8 years ago

      Cleanclover, I am Neferkaptah "The Perfect Spirit of Ptah and the Master Achitect of the book, The Theosophy of Twt-Mos Djoser, and everything is subjected to the laws of transitional motion, change and evolition and the laws of emanation, infinite multiplicity and last procreation and it is true, that there's no death in creation only life.

      That which is able to die or is dead then, it has never lived for all that is physical and spiritual belongs to the universal mind and space in its abstract state of being in action and repose and I can assure you, that when you pass from an active existence to a negative existence in spirit and psychical mind is not a pretty sight, but it is the law of all things including, the G-d and it is beautiful to rest universally and infinitely and then, reawaken again and recreate yourselves in order to return again to your present life and form. Read the book and be amazed to what you are able to do and see in spirit and as universal mind!

      The vatican and the Roman Catholic Church's head will spin and it will be turn upside down if 1 billion Christians were to read my book, which has humanity's wisdom!

    • Cleanclover profile image

      Cleanclover 8 years ago from Piece of land!

      Death is much more sweeter and peaceful Jessica so stop worrying and enjoy life...

    • profile image

      Jessica 8 years ago

      well ive been having the fear of death lately and reading stuff like this makes me happy :) but then ill see a few ppl that say "the soul and god arent real and pple only made that up for others can feel better about dying" i strongly believe in god, but im afraid there's nothing after. and we will never see anyone again, i hope thats not true. how can i overcome this? i lost a few ppl but i wasnt that close so i haven't dealed with death a lot. im scared and worried about everyone around me and myself, i have anxiety at night and even during the day sometimes. :(

    • Cleanclover profile image

      Cleanclover 8 years ago from Piece of land!

      Thank you for the compliments. :-)

    • satyam12 profile image

      satyam12 8 years ago from india

      thanks for the nice hub uare a great thinker and writer see my hub reincarnation and karma

    • Cleanclover profile image

      Cleanclover 8 years ago from Piece of land!

      Thank you Kimberly for your nice comments :-). I am glad you liked it. :-)

    • Kimberly Bunch profile image

      Kimberly Bunch 8 years ago from EAST WENATCHEE

      Hi. Wonderful Hub! You said, "Death is nothing but a change or transformation." *Wonderful! People really need to know this. I feel sad for those that think their soul's stay in-housed in the ground with the body until Judgment Day. Or don't have life until Jesus comes back and even then it is a maybe if they get heaven or hell. That concept is sad. Our spirit leaves the body when the body dies. You shed light on that and that is in itself a blessing uncovered.

      Masterful work. Well done!

    • Cleanclover profile image

      Cleanclover 8 years ago from Piece of land!

      Thank you all for sharing your emotions

    • profile image

      michelle 8 years ago

      I had just lost me boyfriend of 5 years im a mess he was my everything we spend all day everyday with each other he was only 21, it tears me apart even more because the one night i wasent there which i was supose to be but i didnt no exactly were he was and it happened. if i was there i could of saved his life i would of i would of none something was terribly wrong and he'd still be here with me id still have my baby. im just tring to figure out where he is what happenes when u die will we meet again? so many unanwsered questions and it sucks becuase i really lost faith and i no i should have it more than ever right now i just want him back i want to see him i want to be with him i want to hold him and smell him and hug him and kisss him. it sucks i wait to see my love in my dreams i never thought id be so exicted to sleep just to see if i see me baby in my dreams which i rarley do. im just getting so fed up with life i want to give up but i cant and also i probally wouldnt be were he is if i did. i just needed a little insight of what happenes i need to explore a couple more sites i just want to feel better so knowing were he is and if he see's me and comes to me that will help me. just like the other said i dont deal with death i never had someone close id get upset when i wacthed shows and someone died no it happened to me i always said i wouldnt no what i would do if he would die id actually say to him id die im still here 5 months later going to be 6 and i personally cant belive im still here and alive and breathing i never thought id make it. but i still have alot to deal with the holidays and his birthday not looking forward to these next few months. thanks for letting me vent a little id like to believe what ur web site says that would really help me a little well as much as it could not much would help me just a time machine and getting my baby back. i miss and love u baby!

    • profile image

      Francesca 8 years ago

      I just lost my grandmother and my dog. It happened in the same two week time frame a little over a month ago. I'm really agonizing because I cannot accept death at all. I know many people feel this exact same way but I really cannot deal with it at all. Some say absence from who we love is worse than death but I don't necessarily believe that. By being away from people we love dearly, we know and have full hope that we will see that person again since we know they are alive, well, and just living their life. With death, it means we are not going to see that person again, or at least not for a long time and if you're really lucky you will see your loved ones in your dreams. Death really is aweful, severly agonizing. I am 22 years old and I it just hit me that the people I love so much are not going to be here forever. I need to spend as much time with my loved ones while I can because life is fast and I don't want my time together with them to ever run out. I know I have to live my life and cherish every moment because none of us know what is going to happen. Death is really heart-breaking, just horrifying. I try to block it out but it scares me because I know I will never understand it and I don't know if I will be able to ever be without the people I love. I don't think I will be able to deal with it at all. I will seriously fall apart into one million pieces and never be the same again. I was so close to my grandmother, she was my second mom. She was always such a wonderful, loving,understanding and giving person. I admired her in every single way. I wish I could be more like her. Losing her has been terrible. I feel so sad, so empty inside. I feel like a big part of me has died after losing my grandmother and my dog. I had my dog since I was eleven for ten and a half years. I loved her in so many ways. She was my shadow, she never left my side for a second. She was a gold labrador, so loving and sweet. Every person that met her said she was the nicest dog they ever met. Labradors are wonderful dogs, they really are so good-hearted. I cannot deal with the loss of my dog at all. I really pray dogs go to heaven too because I need to know that I will see her again someday. I looked at her as a person, I loved her so much. Since the loss of my grandmother and my dog I have cried every day. I work long hours so that distracts me but when I am not busy, I always break down crying. I miss them both so much, it really hurts the pain is unbearable. I wish I could bring them back but I know it's impossible. I really hope we will someday all find our loved ones when our journey through this life ends. Life is so short and as the years are passing I see they are going faster. Why as a child do the days seem so long and as we get older they feel so fast? Thankyou so much for writing this beautiful article. It touched me in such a way and has given me so much hope and faith to hold on to. You really brightened up my day.

    • tdarby profile image

      tdarby 9 years ago

      Great Hub--thanks for your insights.

    • profile image

      TN. 9 years ago

      many of my grandparents have died but now i that they are not really dead, they're still some where out there.......

    • profile image

      Maureen 9 years ago

      Most of my family have passed awau. mother, father, uncles, aunts cousins and now recently my brother. It is VERY HARD to accept but reading this article helps me know that he never really died, only in body form, you still miss them terrible especially having so many losses, friends, fiances, etc. The list is longer then people I know alive. I just want to know where my brother is with God. I know about the transformation and I have ALOT OF FAITH and I guess thats all we can have because none of us really knows whats going on. You will only understand life when your dead. I love and miss my brtoher so much, it is very hard and I know others have it even worse but this article says alot of what I already thought. hanks so much for being there for people who have a hard time loosing their loved ones.

    • Cleanclover profile image

      Cleanclover 9 years ago from Piece of land!

      Thank you dear tatjana and wish you a fantastic phenomenal life!

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 9 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      Dear Cleanclover, this Hub is just perfect. I agree with you, eeath is just transformation. Love & Light

    • MrMarmalade profile image

      MrMarmalade 10 years ago from Sydney

      In Gen2. V7 'The Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground

      In Job34 . 14 'If it was his intention and he withdrew his spirit and breath, all mankind would perish together and man would return to the dust.'


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