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Delilah’s Den: Mind-Blowing Heart-Stopping Sexual Unions

Updated on July 6, 2011

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Image

Desired Release
Desired Release

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: The Need for Uninhibited Sexual Communication

Let’s face it: we are all involved (entangled, enmeshed, entertained) in some type of relationship. Whether these relationships are satisfying or not, our mental/physical/emotional state is usually ‘somewhat’ determined (influenced) by the temperature of the waters in the pool of the contradicting unions.

Those involved in these relationships, regardless of the type, feel the constant tug and pull of the nebulous contradictions.

Though the words are not always verbally expressed, the ensuing tension results from a lack of intimacy. Most people interpret sexual interaction as the culminating epitome forming real intimacy, but unless one is able to communicate on other levels (first and last) way before the lust filled act in the bedroom, the dazzling sex will fizzle out far more quickly than one would like.

Many view this impending insecure feeling as problematic and negatively label these relative contradictions as insurmountable but the interactive sexual union does not have to end IF one can be honest enough to say what’s on his/her mind. Such awkward contradictions are not only natural, but are substantial in forming, establishing, and maintaining a genuine relationship bond.

Relationships are too often misguided and torn up over the slightest misconceptions or misunderstandings simply because one or the other “interprets’ various innuendos, gestures, and slanted words spoken in jest.

Psychological researchers have studied relationships for decades, and still we know very little about human associations, most especially when it comes to the innate authentic sexual expression.

Perhaps this is because every erotic relationship is understandably different, and therefore sexual researchers are often forced to take a subjective point of view when analyzing them, leaving the bulk of demonstrable data in the balances.

Which, then, leaves the nagging defining question remaining: what is our purpose in needing verifiable evidence that our most intimate relationships are not filled with these contradictions?

(And furthermore, somehow believing that we can beat the disintegrating odds by intensifying the sexual act itself along with the number of erotic episodes as a manipulative move to ensure the longevity of the relationship, we, then, act stupefied when the involvement suddenly ends).

Instead, of speaking ‘gut’ honestly about what really matters, the person buries himself/herself in senseless mind games in endless repetitive ploys to snag or coerce. Of course, while this method of deceptive sensual approach is employed, (certainly physically enjoyed) the union may appear to be moving in a workable place, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Sex, alone, never sustains a long lasting relationship! No matter how fulfilling and sexually satisfying the pleasure may be. There’s certainly nothing wrong with hot blooded ceiling raising voice screeching head exploding sex, (in and of itself) but used as a clear reinforcing sign that a relationship is going to last is not a reliable true barometer.

 It all comes back to communication. What do you want from the union? A deliciously body shaking roll in the hay (about 6 month’s duration is the norm) or a potential partner (mate) for a longer period of time? Can you have both? Of course you can but it will take substantial unveiling on your part. You are the only one who can decide your innermost intent.

 But, by all means, don’t act surprised when the relationship dissolves because of your lack of genuine interest in communicating authentically.

The irretrievable fact that people struggle with how to interpret their sexual relationships is a topic of non-ending debate. However, to mistake sex for love is a malleable mistake of gigantic proportions.

Sex is fantastic! (With or without communication)

But, the longest lasting relationships are based on far more indelibly saturated irrational aspects than can be defined with your mind or body. It’s more or less cosmic in nature in the logical sense that it makes absolutely no sense (totally irrational) how two people can stay together for years!

But, as far as it goes in the land of the mysterious romantic roses: communication holds the number one spot on the relationship agenda; if you desire to build a gratifying soul’s union …strip the pretense before you strip your clothes



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    • katyzzz profile image

      katyzzz 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Sex is sometimes more fantastic than at other times, life is all about adaptation and enduring, not much of a consideration in sexual athleticism, but I loved your article, you addressed so many enduring issues, well may people listen and learn.