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De-Masking Your Sexual Personality: Relationship Insecurity Investigated

Updated on July 14, 2011

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho- Analysis Image

From a Distance
From a Distance | Source

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analysis Experiment: Sexual Obssession, Bondage, Fantasy, Paranoia

Relationships shift, (hump and bump) slide, wobble, ignite, fizzle, and stagnate all the time. Fear of changing the directions without a clear cut supervisory plan indicates a crystal clear emotional breakthrough.

Follow the leading of the sexual interactive (whether emphasized or diminished) suit without knowing what’s to come. No need to compare or speculate what’s better or worse. Allow not the words “how it use to be” to pass from your torrid lips.

Another sign indicating sexual voracity on the upswing though signs portray different shades of activity: What are you trying to avoid? Do that first! Do not try to pretend. Tone your voice to the actuality of the occasion not your exaggerated interpretation of it. What do you have to lose by getting more honest?

You may even gain some well-needed strength of pleasure filled integrity. And, furthermore, what are you trying (or have been trying) to build as a means of relationship security? It’s not working. In fact, it’s backfiring. Get simple. Strip the facade. Jealousy won’t work. Accusing is senseless and threatening shows weakness and ignorance.

STOP all striving and competing for affection! IF you are the least bit resentful, envious, or concerned over what someone else is doing, then another round of debilitating patterns in emotional depression will be needed before you are released from your current entanglement. (Sexual bondage)

If you are trying to impress or compete, you are in the throws of physical/psychological repressed rage. Forget about it. Get back to the simple, non contending ordinary romance as quickly as possible. Stop being so deceptively secretive; it’s making you sick.

This is the domain where you ‘gag at a gnat and swallow a camel’. Stop sweating the insignificant things. Who cares how fast the race horses ran at Belmont except for the ones betting and the owners? Get your mouth, mind, eyes, and comments out of what does not directly concern you.

No one is keeping anything from you and there’s no way for you to know something before the exact moment you need to be aware of it. In other words, be present in this minute. What’s going on right now? What’s the flavor sensation in your Mouth? These things matter.

They are called being aware of your state of mind. You live in your mind; no where else. Again, what is the exact flavored sensation in your mouth? [Sweet, salty, sour, bitter; undecided?] Now, let’s observe the obvious.

What do you face when you turn 180 degrees to the right? “State the facts, mam; simply the facts.” You are staring directly into the depths of the true temperature of your relationships at this moment.

 If you can’t discern the relational water’s warmth, then how can you adequately comment and interpret the matter? Turn the radio on: What song is playing? It’s all here in the ‘ordinary events” not in the would be future. This is as first-class as it rolls.

It is here where the outer circumstances (seemingly irrelevant and disconnected) of your most intimate relationship will unfold in your life according to a very specialized and detailed ‘order of the ether’ that you and only you called into existence.

Who else on earth do you think did it? That’s your movie on the screen of your mind! It’s your call: every single bit of it. Nobody’s giving you the shaft. You created the story and the characters that play their well defined roles.

 Stop berating their influential romantic part. Cease trying to interfere! Your incessant need to be heard, seen and praised for being so loving and understanding, patient and tolerant is really wearing very thin. Give me a break! It’s all your camouflaged dramatic scenes played out to the hilt. You have this unceasing need to believe you do so much! HA!!!!

Your specific designed relationship, (romantic sexual involvement) prepares you to ‘balance the opposites’ in this earth walk. So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty truth.

Here is a simple esoteric test if you’re genuinely interested in finding out whom/what {type} of romantic personality you are living with. Who are you, in reality, are looking at? What do you honestly see?

When you leave your house today, (go north) drive 4.3 miles exactly, turn left at the nearest intersection or road and travel 2.6 miles then turn right. Go another .6 of a mile, what is the first unadulterated

Vision you see? Are you beginning to get a picture? Or is your mandated mind so clouded with habitual mechanical actions of thought and response, you are incapable of investing the time and effort it would require to perform such a silly experiment?

You possess pure raw gut instinct? (Pure unadulterated psychic ability) Everyone does; whether it’s called that or referred to as promptings.

Nothing of an embalmed logical apparatus presented and conceived out of your mind’s fancy will interfere with the validation of this esoteric journey. It’s your ride, honey! Your level of recognizable sexual involvement will not be deciphered for intelligent purposes and satisfaction but for sheer pleasure.

 If you’re not after that, forget the other stuff. [Though you will recognize and interpret instinctively the paramount importance and relevance of what is shown to you with your own eyes], you will not be able to straddle the horse, unless you release your hand in the matter.

You will be left standing speechless at the unprecedented velocity of how quickly the linking events will come to light to reveal the orchestration of confusion. All repressed karmic soulful denied sacred sensual force will be regenerated, used and constructed for the destruction and removal of accumulated emotional debris carried over from former unreleased relational pain and heartbreak.

It is a magical process of working through old rubbish.

Insight: By releasing the nagging mental rubbish; the tried and true imperceptible soul reveals itself as the innovator of all experience, through those circumstances that were formed in pain, suffering and total misunderstanding. You will no longer be able to deny her irrefutable desirable sexual presence to plunge the depths of incalculable torment and inexpressible pleasure.

Neither can you tabulate your current path (including all those closely associated) with any reasonableness. Try as you might, you will still come up clueless. Seek to release the need for answers beyond the moment you are breathing in.

That moment is linked to all moments you will ever encounter in this life. What is going on this moment? Who [exactly] contacted you before, during and after you completed this segment of words?

Passive resignation is not allowed within the relationship walk. You must work out your salvation through obedience to uncertainty, discipline to apprehension and labor to serving without conscious reward. This IS the trail where you leave your particular masked sexual personality with the GODS of recompense. You cease balking.

You either become pliable and usable, or you are simply discarded in a sea of mental unproductive disdainful incomprehensibility.

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Image

When the light shines...
When the light shines...


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    • Paula Andrea, MA profile image

      Paula Andrea, MA 8 years ago from www.mode of cosmic

      Our intimate relatiosnhips mirror the barometer of our most private innate sacred sexual selves. It takes a little work, but the 'latent emotional temperature'can be discovered, revealed and enjoyed!

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 8 years ago from London, UK

      Well written hub. Thank you.