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different rules for everyones life

Updated on December 1, 2014

different rules for every race

I want to say that this has been bothering lately; the way there is two sets of rules for every nationality.

I have watched and read the news lately and it makes me sick. Okay first of all, we have Bill Cosby. He is accused of wrong doings with woman. When we were all a lot younger we held up this man who did the Jello commercials as a good man. We let children be around him and now he is bad. Why don't we look at all black entertainers at this point and see if they are perfect than. We hold up Oprah Winfrey, Levar Burton, Arsenio Hall and many others. Why don't we look at their lives that we say are good and see what they did wrong.

Okay on to my second pet peeve. We have sport figures who are okay as long as they win their football, basketball, baseball and the like. One screw up and we start to look to see why they are letting down their public. We let our kids look up to these people but then when they abuse a woman or use steroid drugs we change our views. Why don't we explain that people are human?

Third pet peeve,. Why do we look down our nose at the Hispanics and not look to see if there is any that have did something with their life? Most people look at Hispanics and think of drugs and people who snuck across the border.

Next I know we all have problems with Muslims. We have only seen the bad side of the news about them. Why doesn't someone show the good side of them instead of just the bad?

I had the same problem one time with my father. He looked at me when I was a teenager and grouped all teenagers together and said they were bad. I looked at him and said thanks Dad. We seem to group nationalities together and religions together and if one is bad; all are bad.

My husband and I have conversations about this quite often. My husband told me something that I hadn't thought of before but it made my blood boil. I have seen it on television shows that if a person rapes the child of that rape will probably inherit the tendency. Should we make abortion mandatory for this reason. I think not.

I want to hear your views. Thanks for reading and have a good day.


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