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Frozen Olaf's "Back To School" For Boys

Updated on March 30, 2016

Disney's Frozen Fascinates Boys, Too

It all started with a Christmas Wish List. My daughter told us that a copy of the Frozen DVD would be a most welcome gift. We ordered one from Amazon for our grandkids. Fast forward to our springtime visit... Guess what song we heard, performed for us by our granddaughter? Not once, but many times, "Let It Go" was sung at every opportunity, so of course both our granddaughter and her brother had us watch Frozen with Grandma and Grandpa.

And even though this blockbuster Disney movie is wildly popular with girls, it is just as much enjoyed by the boys. So I thought a backpack filled with some fun accessories could be just the thing for back to school. Pre-school or moving ahead to Kindergarten, this makes it fun and exciting- all outfitted for the coming year. I remember how I looked forward to school and getting all the fresh school supplies when I was little!

Don't Forget Little Boys

Even though elementary-age boys will enjoy these characters, they might be a bit too old for the school accessories emblazoned with the design.

However, this is a great backpack and pencil idea for pre-schoolers and toddlers!


Fun Movie For Little Kids

This movie and its characters show no sign of slowing up. Not only popular for back to school, it heats up the holiday season, too.

I think it is on its way to becoming a classic holiday movie, and in that vein, the character emblazoned items are bound to be a big hit with toddlers. The snowman is the iconic holiday theme and Olaf is ideal for merry gifts and decorations.


Starting school with all the right stuff. Outfitted with a bookbag full of favorites and all organized for a busy day.

Don't forget to add notes saying encouraging things, or with happy stickers.

What to fill the pack with?

  1. Pencils! Whether scribbling or doing the serious business of learning to write their ABC's, a decorative pencil makes things fun.
  2. Erasers. These were always on the list of things to give the kids as rewards and little, fun gifts. It makes a practical part of a backpack.
  3. Notebooks and drawing pads, coloring books are great for times when they visit grandparents, have to wait with mom and dad, or during Sunday services ( when sitting in the "big" church)
  4. At home the same cheerful cartoon friends smile greetings. I love to have a toddler set of dishes at my house for the grandkids. Use some for the lunchbox, too.
  5. After school fun with a book of stickers. A best seller in the Children's activity category, high quality stickers make learning fun. A great reward for completion of homework or just a quiet after school activity. Put them on notes you send to school with your child, or decorate the notebooks and drawing pads.

Stocking Stuffers, Too!

Use some of the items like pencils and erasers to bring their favorite characters into Christmas stockings or as Hanukkah gifts. From schooltime to vacation time, kids enjoy the movie all year.

Olaf's Day In The Sun - Your little boy will love these

Disney Frozen Olaf Tin Pencil Case
Disney Frozen Olaf Tin Pencil Case

This pencil case is so cool! It keeps pencils sharp and all together with the fun loving Snowman smiling on the lid.


Who Is Olaf?

He is the comical snowman with the warm heart who bumbles through, yet manages to keep his sense of humor. Somehow Olaf got most of the great lines in the movie, which makes him a favorite character for most boys.

He also helps save the day. Boys like that, too.

Happy Snowman Olaf FROZEN Popular School Bag XL
Happy Snowman Olaf FROZEN Popular School Bag XL

Another design for all the preschool gear, who can resist this happy look to start out the day?


Boys Will Be Boys

It isn't surprising that Frozen is popular because it has a great story and lovable characters. Boys love that just as much as girls. All kids grow out of storybook and Disney movie characters for their school packs at some age, but little ones are happy to have reminders of their beloved, much watched movies on everyday items like their backpacks.

I've noticed that my granddaughter has most of the choices when it comes to her favorite movies and characters. Maybe it is time to think of how much little boys like these familiar and beloved cartoon personalities.

I know my grandsons love their Spiderman heroes, but the snowman guy has more fun and they love watching it just as much. Maybe it is time to give Olaf room at the table, at school, anyway. Move over Spidey, Batman, and Darth Vader.

Why The Little Snowman?

What makes him so cute? He keeps losing his head, for one thing, but I think the lovable snowman's big heart and message of cooperation speaks volumes and makes this one of the best characters in the movie.

Little boys can appreciate the humor of his carrot nose being just inches from reindeer's snout, oblivious to this hungry companion. Or when he rolls down the snowcovered hill and can't find his feet (temporarily).

Bravery, humor, and a caring heart are all great qualities in this "little guy" of the movie.

Thinking Warm Thoughts

Melt Some Hearts With Stuff For Inside The Bag

Frozen makes a great birthday party theme, too. If you have a small child, consider the next birthday theme to be one with the lovable characters of their favorite movie. Party favors from many of the back to school items will be loved by the little guys: erasers, pencils, small tins of sweets, decorative stickers, and the list goes on.

Disney Frozen Olaf Deluxe Hardcover 4"x6" Notebook & Pen Set
Disney Frozen Olaf Deluxe Hardcover 4"x6" Notebook & Pen Set

Every backpack needs a notebook and this one comes with a pen, too.


From birthday invitations to water bottles, the characters from this Disney movie are adorning everything. It should be easy to find back to school items in this theme.

If your child loves the movie, it might just be the year for a party theme or even as stocking stuffers at Christmas to continue adding to the collection.

Are your little guys going to school? - How do you get them ready for the year?

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