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Dorm to Dorm Rooms The Necessities for College and University

Updated on July 15, 2022

College Necessities For Everyone

Dorm to dorm rooms are the necessities for College and University. From dorm to dorm rooms the college necessities at every college and university are the same. I can remember back when I was a college freshman and then again to the semester of residency in graduate school where as a grown adult I was required to live on campus. The cooking things I needed were the same at all the universities I attended. There were 4 years of undergrad, then 3 years for a double master's, and finally that semester of residency I was required to live in a dorm for my doctorate degree. They said it was so I wouldn't have any distractions. That semester my husband and children had to fend for themselves.

Whether you are going to a college or university there are certain things you just can live without there. I found a good can opener and a microwave were at the top of my list. You will find yourself hungry in the middle of the night and canned food will become your friend. My all-time favorite was Spaghetti-Os and canned soup. It may not be home cooking but it sure hits the spot when you are up late at night studying. Yes, you will be required to study. Many students find that the first semester will make or break their college career. Prepare now and you too will be successful.

Your college or university will make sure you have a list of all the biggies like computers, cash, and study supplies. So, I will tell you about the ins and outs of cooking in your room. If you are at one of the large universities you will either have a microwave and mini fridge in your dorm room or be able to rent one by the semester. Make sure you have access to both of these things. There will be days you just can get out of bed to walk over to get some good old-fashioned cafeteria food or you may have used up all of your meal credits. This is when you will need your backup supply of food.

Mom and Dad Can Send You Some of These - If they join Amazon Prime the shipping will be free

Give them plenty of warning when your supplies are getting low. It takes a couple of days to get them delivered to you at your dorm. You need things you can carry in your backpack or keep in your mini fridge.

Skippy Natural Creamy Peanut Butter - 2/40oz
Skippy Natural Creamy Peanut Butter - 2/40oz
Put some on bagels or bread keep it in a zipper bag. It can stay in your backpack for days for those hunger emergencies.

The Big List of Necessesities - College or Universtity

The Big List

Cooking Supplies

1. A microwave-safe place setting (a plate, cereal bowl, coffee mug, and glass)

2. A fork, spoon, butter knife, and sharp knife

3. A small refrigerator ( it is best to have your own, to prevent food mix-ups with your roommate)

4. A small microwave

5. A toaster oven

6. A supply of paper towels ( use to cover food while cooking to avoid messy clean-ups)

Refrigerator Basics

1. margarine or butter

2. catsup and mustard

3. mayonnaise

4. salad dressing

5. bagel or bread

6. beverages

7. fresh fruit ( if you have a meal plan always take a piece of fruit to keep for later)

8. Mom can freeze your favorite meals in zipper bags. Store in the freezer and reheat in a bag.

Store Items

1. salt & pepper

2. peanut butter & jelly

3. crackers

4. canned pasta, soups,

5. fruit snacks & dried fruit

6. granola bars

7. cookies

8. cereal

9. juice boxes or cans

10. popcorn

11. pop tarts

12. favorite snacks

The other problem you will encounter is a place to store your dry foods. The perfect pantry is a 3-drawer plastic box. This will keep your food organized and easily accessible. Make sure to store canned foods in the bottom drawer, they are heavy and will keep the box stable when the other drawers are opened. A board cut to size will also make a stable place to keep your microwave, make sure you have a multi-plug since most dorm rooms have a limited amount of electrical plugs.

REMEMBER: There is a limited supply of grocery stores close to campus. Mom or Dad can send you care packages from Amazon. If they purchase an Amazon Prime Membership shipping on most items will be FREE.

It's Easier to Study on a Full Stomach!

It's Easier to Study on a Full Stomach!
It's Easier to Study on a Full Stomach!

The Waring Pro Toaster Oven - Perfect for frozen snacks

Make pizza, onion rings, and anything requiring heating in an oven including making toast and pastries. Try stacking your microwave on top of your fridge and your toaster oven on top. The perfect little dorm cooking station.

Store Your Food

Refrigerators are a Must Have - A New Way of Life

Keep your refrigerator stocked with food you like. There is nothing worse than being hungry on a Sunday night with nothing left to eat. My personal experience with the meal plans at my university was the food service was only available for breakfast on Sundays. Since it was closed at dinnertime and most Sunday mornings are meant for sleeping in, you need food for then.

I always kept bagels, cream cheese, cheese slices, and margarine in the fridge for these times. Dry soups and a nice cup of bouillon or cocoas are also a great options on cold nights. Another problem you may encounter with your dorm food is a roommate who will take advantage of anything you have to eat. You may want to keep a foot locker with a key or combination lock to prevent invasion by them or their friends. There is no sense in going hungry just because someone else forgot to plan.

Most dorms of any university have a kitchen available for larger cooking. You may find that you and your buddies like to share meals. You can all chip in for a nice weekend meal when there is time to prepare home-cooked meals together. Collegiate living can be a challenge and many students find the first few months away from home a challenging experience. I know this because I was one of those who thought it would be a breeze. When I actually arrived I found that many of my comforts of home were no longer available. Things like mom-cooked meals, laundry, and budgeting for extras were a big challenge for me. I hope you can take some of these tips and make the transition as easy as possible. I discovered that there were kids who had a lot of extra money to spend on eating out and having fun, unlike me who had to work along with going to class for an education.

Take your college or university life seriously and be the best you can be and you won't regret it. The time you spend studying is an investment in yourself, higher education is tough, but life is tougher without it. Go be a success!

Plan Ahead Water for Sunday Dinner is Not the Best Meal

Plan Ahead Water for Sunday Dinner is Not the Best Meal
Plan Ahead Water for Sunday Dinner is Not the Best Meal

Organization in College, a New Experience

Organization in College, a New Experience
Organization in College, a New Experience

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