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IS OUR PLANET REALLY GROWING? Earth Expansion Hypothesis

Updated on December 7, 2010

What we really know about our planet and our universe? Very little, almost nothing. 

While surfing on Net, I have found interesting geological theory about constant growth and expanding of the Earth, which could explain many geological phenomenas during the Earth history.

This theory says that in its prehistory Earth was much smaller, consisting of only one continent (pancontinent) which covered all globe, with very little shallow seas on the surface of our planet (also it exists possibility that all surface of planet was covered with water).

Due to the growth of Earth, one pancontinent broke into continents which gradually moved and now they are on the place we know they are. According to this theory expansion of the Earth is happening now as well, so surface of the Earth is in constant (slow) growing process.

Very simplified explanation of this theory is that Earth is getting energy for expansion from its core, and that energy of core is creating matery of planet`s surface.

"Growing - Expanding Earth Hypothesis is explored and supported by several of geologists, physicists, and expanding earth researchers including geologists Vedat Shehu, James Maxlow, Stavros Tassos and others. The hypothesis explores evidence for continental matching on both of the Pacific and Atlantic sides of the globe, geological implications of a changing surface curvature and a smaller, lower-gravity Earth's contribution to the size of dinosaurs. Growing Earth Hypothesis also attempts to put forth, through existing scientific evidence, a mechanism by which new mass is created within the core of the Earth, to facilitate the Expanding Earth model of the late Australian geologist S. Warren Carey.

It is interesting to know, that comics artist Neal Adams popularized this theory. He was followed the developments of expanding earth hypothesis and plate tectonics since the 1960s and independently researched and studied the various sciences relating to them and to the developing cosmology model."

During the 1960s experimental ocean drilling discovered the new seafloor growth along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge what shows that the Atlantic Ocean is a relatively new addition to the planet and is still growing, constantly adding new surface area: the drilling showed that some parts of the ocean floor are much younger and more thiner then the others.

Earth Expansion Theory explaines why has sea level dropped by 16000 feet since prehistorical times.Simply answer could be, that our planet has expanded.

The prediction of this theory is that the Earth will continue to grow (circa 22-42 mm - circa one inch-2 per year) in the future as well.

This theory also explains that the other planets grow, as well as the whole Universe and it is good food for a thoughts about visible part of our Universe as well as good basis for further findings of geologists (and other scientists) who now try to connect all hypothesis about genesis of Earth in one unique theory (if they do not argue about them, what is unfortunately more often).

Well, what is my opinion about this theory?

Like anything else in this Universe, our planet is living organism, with its consciousness, with high developed intelligence, and everyone and everything what is alive - has natural need to progress, grow and explore oneself. Growth, development (and transformation) are natural processes of any living organism - so it is very natural that planets and universe could grow and progress.

Expansion of ocean floor

The newest growth of ocean floor is red one.
The newest growth of ocean floor is red one.

Geologist James Maxlow showed how this expansion looked like:

Comisc artist Neal Adams popularised Earth Expansion theory

Comics artist Neal Adams did his best to popularisation of this theory while performing many decades long, very dedicated personal research.

Altough he says that not admitting growth of the Earth belongs to the conspiracy of science, I would say that it is very difficult to accept any new hypothesis when the old ones are established (does not matter if they are correct or not).

So, please, hear Neal Adams and his interesting explanation of that theory:

The books about growing the Earth

Question for Hubbers and for all readers

Dear Hubbers, I would be very glad to read your comments about this sounds very interesting to me.

If this theory is correct, this could completely differently influence the impact of climate change which is affecting us, so we really cannot predict - anything. Scientists predict drastic raising up the ocean level when ice on poles melts down, but, if this theory is correct, changes do not need to be so drastic, because ocean floor is different then it was during the last Ice Age. Good reason to be more positive....and promote harder ecology, because it is worth trying. Earth is feeding us and protecting us, and we need to respect it much more then up till now.

Obviously, the time came, when we all need to change our established beliefs about everything we know, so let us try to imagine and assume, what would be real truth about planet we live on. In this whole world of ours, only change is persistent... let us start with changing our beliefs....


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    • profile image

      t08c15 2 years ago

      A possible phenomenon that may also cause Earth to expand is if the individual minute particles/molecules/atoms in Earth's body mass acquire characteristics that diminish or maybe even cancel/reverse their gravitational attraction for each other.

      The hub "Antigravity effect and Astronomical dissociation" ( ) considers some mechanisms that could operate in nature whereby astronomical masses including planets may effectively diminish or possibly lose/reverse the gravitational associative force that bind masses together.

      Besides causing the planet to expand, the effect along with other factors may also make it possible for the planet to ultimately explode.

    • profile image

      Sherry Young 4 years ago

      You people are crazy the earth is not expanding. Show me the proof and not your day dreaming. The ocean basins and continents have not increased in size.

    • profile image

      Mack71 4 years ago

      I remember reading someplace that the people in charge of satellites measuring the earth were coming up with anomaly's with the numbers, the measurements it was a interview with Neil Adams i believe and i think he asked this particular scientist as to what he did with the info at the time Neil was looking for evidence himself the scientist said don't worry we've fixed it it wont happen again! i don't think this guy was a fan of the expanding earth idea.

    • profile image

      Subhasis Sen 4 years ago

      It is really strange that so many earth scientists are working on our planet and they are aware that there is a fluid outer core in the interior of the planet occurring between the mantle and the solid inner core. Yet, the earth scientists, especially the expansionists, have not noted that the thickness of the fluid zone matches with the extent of expansion of the planet. This matching phenomenon strongly favour the view that due to expansion the so called fluid outer core was opened up. Initially the zone was a void one but owing to influx of fluids and particles from the mantle it eventually turned into a pseudo-fluid zone or the so called fluid outer core.

    • profile image

      Subhasis Sen 4 years ago

      All so called global tectonics are based on the false presumption that a solid plate can move inside another solid plate and the solid mantle can support extensive movement of continental fragments or plates or cause expansion of the planet. In my concept of unified global tectonics it has been pointed out that before expansion, in the small earth there were no oceans and, hence, the ocean-forming water at that stage must have been associated with the mantle rendering considerable fluid characteristics that would support all sorts of mobilistic aspects of that mantle geosphere. After expansion, when widespread lava emission associated with degassing of moisture-enriched volatiles took place, the mantle itself turned into a rigid body as it stands today, proved by seismic studies. Plate theory is totally false since the mantle is a solid and rigid geosphere.

    • ksjyoung profile image

      Sherry Young 4 years ago from Richmond, Virginia

      There is absolutely no evidence that the Earth is expanding or has expanded. It is the same size and that can be measured. Furthermore we can test and prove plate tectonics as the theory is stated and it proves correct on a daily basis. We can also use tomography and other high tech equipment today to actually see inside the Earth and take photos and measurements from space. Carrey and his theory were proven wrong in the 1970s. This is doing nothing but spreading false theories and confusing the general population. There are thousands of studies with real evidence that dispute the expanding earth theory.

    • profile image

      Subhasis Sen 4 years ago

      If you want to be happy with a wrong concept, adhere to that view. Centuries back people thought that the earth is flat. That concept had to be changed. Earth science is now poised for a major change based on earth expansion theory.

    • ksjyoung profile image

      Sherry Young 4 years ago from Richmond, Virginia

      There have been many verifiable recent studies that show that the earth has not grown at all. Using satellites and many other types of high tech equipment.

    • profile image

      Subhasis Sen 4 years ago

      I did my M.Sc. in geological sciences in 1960 and Ph.D. in 1974 and for 35 years worked as a geologist in a renowned laboratory. Following Hilgenberg's concept (1933) of earth expansion theory, I have worked out a new expansion-based global tectonics and I feel many things written in textbooks need thorough introspective analysis and major revision in an unbiased manner. Please keep your mind open.

    • ksjyoung profile image

      Sherry Young 5 years ago from Richmond, Virginia

      Umm no subhasis I am a structural geology major getting ready to work on my masters. You are very wrong.

    • profile image

      Subhasis Sen 5 years ago

      Just the reverse! International Geological Congress in the late nineties mentioned the uselessness of the plate tectonics and, to find out the truth. arrange for several symposia on this particular topic. In this regard the concept of earth expansion theory is indeed considered as a probable concept.

    • ksjyoung profile image

      Sherry Young 5 years ago from Richmond, Virginia

      This theory was completely debunked in the 1970s. Modern plate tectonics proves this concept completely false.

    • profile image

      partypooper 5 years ago

      The earth is expanding and as it does the seas recede: Simplicity itself. See "The Mysterious Receding Seas" on It is a 15 part series telling of the receding seas around the world. You will be convinced.

      Richard Guy

    • profile image

      Dr. Subhasis Sen 5 years ago

      Continental Drift, Plate Tectonics and Earth’s Expansion: Probing the Missing Links for Understanding the Total Earth System

      Dr. Subhasis Sen, Retired Scientist, (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research),

      Plot 10, Puranik Layout, Bharat Nagar, Nagpur, 440 033, India


      Diverse theories like continental drift, plate tectonics or earth’s expansion are flawed with a number of major discrepancy or missing links causing imperfect understanding of the planet. All these concepts conceive rigid and solid state of the mantle which, according to the basic principles of physics, would strongly resist major mobilistic phenomena. These global tectonics were conceived after Alfred Wagener projected his concept of continental drifting in 1912 in a forceful manner and, hence, in the centenary year of his drift theory an attempt has been made to outline its basic view, albeit the concept needs certain modifications. After presentation of this bold concept, Wagener had to face acrimonious criticisms, particularly from the British geophysicist Sir Harold Jeffreys, which the present author, despite agreeing the existence of continents of pre-drift stage in a conjoint manner, considers to be certainly valid. Perfect adjustment of coastlines of South America and Africa is possible only in case of a reduced ocean-less earth as modeled by Hilgenberg in 1933 implying that prior to expansion, the ocean-forming water must have been associated with the mantle of the small earth thereby rendering that medium considerable fluidity and, hence, suitable for expansion. Besides these important missing links, a most vital one which has remained unnoticed is relating to the deep interior of the planet showing evidences of low temperature and low pressure condition like solid and magnetic nature of the inner iron core. The true nature of the so called fluid outer core has also not been revealed. The author has pointed out that since the extent of the earth’s radial expansion and thickness of the outer core perfectly matches, both being nearly 2000 km in thickness, it is reasonable to consider that it was due to expansion the outer core, which is virtually a void geosphere, was opened up. Under such disposition of occurrence of a mantle, composed of silicate rocks and solid iron core separated by a virtually void zone, gravitational attraction in a reverse direction would occur at great depth including the core sustaining low temperature and pressure condition at the earth’s deep interior and inner core. Further, it was owing to degassing of water that accompanied widespread incidences of magma emission through the expansion crack or mid-oceanic ridges, the newly formed rudimentary ocean basins were progressively filled up with water simultaneously turning the mantle into a rigid body. While the iron core and the mantle were juxtaposed during the pre-expansion stage of the planet, due to external magnetic influence at that stage along with the magnetic iron core the entire planet was deflected causing changes in its polar and equatorial disposition. In contrast, during subsequent periods, with opening up of a major void geosphere in between iron core and mantle, similar external magnetic influences caused the magnetic core to execute smooth revolution giving rise to new magnetic phenomena like pole reversals and polar wandering that are precisely documented in the planet’s various younger strata. It may be pointed out that due to expansion, the segregated continental fragments would tend to move away from one another without causing collision, evidences of which have been ascertained over the crustal surface. Apart from expansion that caused bulging up of the planet, ocean formation, opening up of the outer core and various other major changes of the planet, there is another redoubtable force caused by rotation of the planet along its axis of rotation which is maximum around the equator and minimum near the poles. While due to expansion, continents were separated from one another with formation and enlargement of ocean basins, rotation of the planet caused certain continental fragments to come closer or even to collide forming mountain ranges.

      EARTH -THE PLANET EXTRAORDINARY, Subhasis Sen, 2007, Allied Publishers, New Delhi, 232p, ISBN :.81-8424-151-8, Address : Allied Publishers Limited, 1/13-14, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi , 110 002, India)

    • HomerMCho profile image

      HomerMCho 6 years ago

      Very informative hub and the videos are also clear.Thanks for posting.

    • profile image

      Dr Subhasis Sen 7 years ago


      Nearly fifty years has passed when the earth science witnessed a major paradigm shift, considered at that time a spectacular one that marked the inauguration of the new concept of plate tectonics. The entry of this new concept, which is actually a modified version of continental drift hypothesis fundamentally based on the dogma of static earth, indeed shook the geological sciences. Since that triumphant moment of entry the concept has mesmerized a large number of geoscientists all over the world, so much so, that many scientists who converted to the group of the new ideology refused to listen to any other thoughts and considered that what the plate theory has steered in the field of geology can only be compared with the phenomenal discovery of Newton’s gravitational force that changed the entire gamut of physical sciences.

      However, there are difference of opinions when we find that another group emphatically declares that our planet over the past geological ages has expanded in an incredible manner. This concept known as ‘earth expansion theory’ is perhaps the oldest concept of geotectonics, hinted much before the study of earth was conceived as a distinct branch of science, if we reckon the word ‘exporrecti’, meaning expansion used by Francis Bacon in 1620 to describe the conspicuous parallelism exhibited between the shores of western part of Africa with that of eastern part of South America. Gradually more authentic maps were prepared which too vividly exhibited the parallelism between the relevant shores igniting the imagination of enthusiast observers like Freidrich Heinrich Alexander Von Humboldt (1769-1859) of Germany, Snider-Pellegrini of France in 1858, Frank B. Taylor of America in 1910, H.B. Baker, also of America in 1911 and Alfred Wegener of Germany in 1912 in a most striking manner presenting a large number of data.. Wegener in his thesis emphasized the concept of continental drifting – a view that initiated a long term heated debate amongst earth scientists. Though Wegener received more brickbats than flowers at that time, specially from Jeffreys from of England and other geophysicists, after thirty years since his sad demise in an accident while leading a team of explorers in an expedition to North Pole, his concept of continental drift was accepted by the geoscientists, paving the way for a new bold view, the concept of plate tectonics. However, of late the tenets of plate theory has been questioned by various earth scientists and the highest command of geology all over the globe the ‘International Geological Congress’ (I.G.C.) has opined that plate tectonics is in a state of crisis. Yet a large number of geologists still continue to prefer to depend on this theory for understanding the structure and tectonics that have caused major changes on the surface of the earth.

      In contrast, the earth expansion theory, originally developed by Hilgenberg in 1933 and supported, revived and further modified by S.W. Carey of Australia and many others, including the Nobel laureate physicist P.A.M. Dirac, despite its sound and rational background, needs to be introduced and focused to a large section of geologists. Before Hilgenberg the investigators who pondered about earth’s expansion were Mantoveni of Italy towards the end of the ninetinth century, I.O.Yarkovskii of Russia in 1888, Hiram W, Hixon of USA in 1920, Bogolepow of Russia in 1922 and Lindeman of Germany in 1927 indicating that the thought of earth expansion was an well conceieved and prolonged process of contemplation and not like the plate theory which is a sudden phenomenon of jumping to conclusion by a handful of geoscientists promoting their pre-conceived emotional attachment to the static earth.

      The crux of the problems that appear as stumbling blocs for solving various setbacks confronting movement of plates is mainly the solid and rigid nature of the mantle which would resist any such dynamic movement. If we reckon the two schools of thought, namely the static earth or expanded earth, the latter seems more ridiculous. However, a number of positive aspects, including the essential requirement for manifestation of moblistic features can be explained only with the earth expansion theory and hence this concept appears to be rational and scientifically acceptable.

      According earth expansion theory during the primordial stage, the Earth was considerably small and devoid of oceans (Hilgenberg, 1933). The present author points out that since at the primordial stage oceans were not developed, it can be presumed that initially the ocean-forming water was associated with the mantle. This view is based on the studies conducted by Roy and Tuttle (1961) confirming depression of melting point of silicate rocks under hydrothermal and high pressure condition. Since the Earth’s mantle is composed of silicate rocks under high pressure condition, it has been deduced that before expansion of the planet, its mantle was considerably fluid and suitable for undergoing massive expansion with formation of oceans, mid-oceanic ridges, continental breakup, drifting of the broken fragments, and various associated activities. The movement of continental fragments, initiated by expansion and further modified by the planet’s rotation around its axis of rotation, resulted in revamping the crust of the planet in a significant manner.

      Subhasis Sen

      Based on

      EARTH -THE PLANET EXTRAORDINARY, Subhasis Sen, 2007, Allied Publishers, New Delhi, 232p, ISBN :.81-8424-151-8, Address : Allied Publishers Limited, 1/13-14, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi , 110 002, India)

    • profile image

      Vedat Shehu 7 years ago



      (Beyond Earth - Planetary Geology)

      Written by Dr. Vedat Shehu

      (Mar 09, 2010 at 06:26PM)

      My theory is neither expansion for expansion's sake, nor spontaneous growth, nor growth by matter creation. Mine is a geo-theory of matter transformation universally. It distinguishes itself from those based in mass excess, and also from those of phase change of the core. My theory is based on ultra-dense transformable core-kernel origin of the initial Earth, in initial solar system, into dusty-gaseous cloud. This kernel probablly is positioned as an ultrathin ultradense geo-sphere between both earth cores. In such, growth might play an important role even outside excitant. Such excitant might play a similar role as electromagnetic (photon) radiation on growing plants, without noticeable influence in mass excess. This is the particularity of my theory, that I hope to be underlined by everyone referencing it.

      But there should be no misunderstanding when my theory is compared with those that disdain or do not know essence of the Earth structure, processes, phenomena, and history of development. Details about structure, reactions and interactions of the ultra-dense matter are absent in physics and astrophysics, where I have found the ultra-dense material. No one is capable of finding facts beyond the achievements in physics. In science, there is a ratio between concrete cognition and abstract cognition, i.e. from effect to cause and vice-versa. For example: we know a fact about growing ocean bottom, which is the result of the growing Earth. So the mechanism of the growth is real, while it pertains to abstract cognition. In abstract scientific cognition we tend to develop some theoretic variants. As such, a variant, which better explains relevant problems, should be chosen as the more scientifically acceptable.

      To further clarify, I don't speak about the ultra-dense mechanism which causes nebula explosions, but rather ultra-dense beads inside the nebula, that are originated after an explosion. These have the capability of transformation and accretion, when not affected by the ruins of atomic-molecular matter of a dusty-gaseous nebula.

      I must again underscore that a pseudoscience is a theory that doesn't support facts and scientific reasoning or scientific logic. And my theory doesn't oppose scientific achievements in astrophysics, cosmology, planetology, geology, and earth sciences at all; in addition my interpretations better explain relevant evidences:

      In Astrophysics, it is argued that there exists a presence of the ultra-dense matter concentrated in neutron-quark stars and in other massive and ultra-massive compact stars, and their cosmic burst.

      Matter resulting after a cosmic explosion is, commonly, interpreted to be composed only from radiation, rocky debris, and gaseous-dusty mass. My interpretation does not oppose this phenomenon, but explain only the possibility that together with the common matter forming debris-gaseous-dusty cloud, the explosion must also generate even fragments of ultra-dense matter, forming grains or ultra-mini-cores.

      Continuing in known theories the debris-dusty-gaseous matter does collapse around some larger gravitational centers of the same debris-gaseous-dusty mass; in addition, my interpretation only suggests that these gravitational cores are merely the superdense beads in transformation, capable of producing gaseous-dusty matter and attracting it again.

      This mechanism of the Earth's formation is agreeable to planetary disc formation and ecliptic positions of the planets.

      Many theorists consider core transformation as cause of the Earth growth, while my interpretation does bring into evidence that a heterogeneous core, within its concentric structure, as is the entire Earth, could not act as a mechanism of the growth process, while my core-kernel does and can.

      Many theorists do not explain the state, structure and behavior of inner core differently from the outer core, while my interpretation does, simply by the presence of the core-kernel transformation, positioned somewhere between both cores.

      In accepted real data from global tectonics, geological development of the earth crust, rock-formation, origin of meteorites, evolution, etc., through my variant all events and phenomena are explained better.

      Conclusively; what in my theory is pseudoscience? I must ask, may be in the new concept? Then a well-based new concept must be swept away, labeled as pseudoscience? Our discussions are placed under the heading, New Concept in Global Tectonics. But Global Tectonics has its roots in earth origins and in cosmology. And today's theory of earth origin could not support Earth Growth. More so, Earth Expansion theory, in order to exist, is obliged to be rooted into older official interpretations of cool debris-gaseous dusty agglomerating origin of the Earth.

      It is interesting that in such unacceptable roots of origins, all global hypothesis become contradictory to each other. Why? Because none of them possess the ability to break the framework of older cosmological hypotheses of cool Earth's cool origin.

      The growing Earth theory is determined to break this unfitting framework.

    • profile image

      t08c15 7 years ago

      Very useful info, thanks.

      I have a new hub that could use it (titled "Natural Flying Saucers at Preexploding Planet Earth", at ).

      It conjectures undetected fluid pockets at the central regions of Earth's inner solid core that might get abnormally hot. It could have detectable influence on the solid core and Earth's size.

    • profile image

      t08c15 7 years ago

    • profile image

      vedat shehu 7 years ago

      final continuing:

      became planetoids and planets. The planets of the remote orbital zone have covered with the light gasses released and moved away from the planets of the inner orbital zone. Even in the center of these planets is positioned the core with its transformable ultradense kernel.

      Along the geological phase of the earth developments, this ultradense kernel is represented as a geosphere positioned between two cores, somewhere above the transitory zone to the inner core (fig. 78) and is transformed in the plasma, chemical elements and physical fields. Hence is drown conclusion that atom-molecular matter generated from core kernel causes the growth, passing, on one side outward through outer geospheres to the surface, on the other side toward inner geospheres to the center. In this way the the geospheric ultradense kernel makes the core a sun in miniature inside of the silicate cover, while the sun did remained outside of the possibility to be blocked by matter thrown its ultradense kernel.

      The further development of the planetoids and planets continued differently, depending on the size of the core kernel of each object and on its orbital position. In the course of the development Earth, has been distinguished by its hydrosphere and optimal atmosphere. Through the interaction of these two have been developed both sedimentosphere and biosphere.

      The sedimentary strata has enabled the printing of the organisms’ and recorded the events causing geological development of the earth’s crust. In this framework, the sedimentosphere has conserved the species’ changeability pointing the biosphere evolution, including human evolution, up to present-day man.

      The best example which give evidence of the growing process is the same structural position of the every ophiolite belt with rock composition very similar to middle-oceanic ridges. Author of “The Growing and Developing Earth” brings as a special model to the structural position occupied by ophiolite belts of Albanides (Central Dinarides), a tiny segment of the Alp – Himalayan orogen, originally positioned between Eurasia and Gondwana. Application of this theory just in this orogenic belt might considerably improve the orientation of the geological research on the ore resources related to ophilite zones, and on gas-oil deposits in sedimentary zones.

      Acceptance of this new concept about the role and the origin of the earth’s core and its kernel could improve the research and its orientation in Earth and through cosmos.

    • profile image

      Vedat Shehu 7 years ago


      presence of the cosmic dust in sedimentary layers.

      Just the necessity to explain that the so called oceanic spreading is the progressive growth of the oceanic crust as reflection of the growth of the whole globe, creates the obligation that this phenomenon must be interpreted as consequence of a normal inner process. The impossibility of identifying the mechanism of this process by current technology does compel demonstration through scientific abstraction.

      This approach of reasoning is a radical change of the standard theory of the earth’s inner energy generation. The book’s content is developed just for this goal, to argue the process causing the earth’s enlargement. Hence is reaches a very normal conclusion that the process, is not spontaneous, but continuous and is a property of the planet, which has run since the earth’s origin. The book analyzes the factual data of the Plate Tectonics, of the Earth’s Expansion, and of other theories, and are integrated with those drawn from the author’s experience; afterward they have been coordinated with data from cosmos and the conclusion has been reached that processes generating oceanic crust begin in the core, its kernel (fig 78). The same processes in similar cores, either with or without silicate cover, do create stony matter everywhere in the universe. This means that the earth core must be observed as a dynamic cosmic object, and data from the earth and from the cosmos must be integrated with processes that occur in the core. Due to the necessity of developing a mechanism to explain the cause of the earth’s growing process, the author has been obliged to integrate the evidence from earth and cosmos with the earth’s core activity by the above formulation, and through efforts to argue and express the essence of the cause, the earth’s growth became a theory about the role of the core, more correctly stated, its kernel in “The Growing and Developing Earth” process, my long-term study

      Here in this essay the goal is only to underline the trend of the theory and contour the universal conception of the matter transformation inside the core. Other scholars have looked for causes of the expansion in the core as whole (Fig. 49 left) or only at the inner one (Fig. 49 right). But the core could not act as a generating mechanism, either as one whole or separate, as outer core or inner one, because of its heterogeneity and spherocentric structure. The differentiation in the structure and in the behavior of the inner core needs another explanation. The geo-spherical, ultradense, ultrathin kernel positioned between both cores gives the solution of the growing mechanism. Comprehension of the active role of the core’s, more correctly of its transformable kernel, in the inner energy and oceanic crust generation makes the term expansion to be abandoned and the theory of the earth globe enlargement to take on the name The Growing and Developing Earth. This way the concept that the core has been formed and developed together with Earth will become acceptable.

      This interpretation leads to the conclusion that the Earth’s growth is caused by inner rock-formation process, and the effect of this process is expressed in the inside around the core‘s outer boundary and the outside on the oceanic bottom opening vs. spreading. Historically, the growing process has been developed simultaneously with enlargement of the continental crust, i.e. the first one along ancient mobile belts inside older cratonal blocks, and the last one between newer known platform crusts including Alpine mobile belts. The process was stabilized along permanent global rifts traversing a mid-oceanic ridge. On both sides of the rift the crust rocks belong to the newest geological age, while along the rift the crust addition is in the formation process with intrusions, extrusions originating from the newly formed and solidified magma. There in the present middle-oceanic ridges so called spreading process has had began since the continents have separated and is evidenced by the phenomenon that the rocks of the oceanic crust are progressively older toward the rim of the opposite continents with the strata of the same composition and age. Hence it becomes apparently clear that oceanic bottoms do not spread, but enlarge, are permanently increased by rock mass addition because whole the rock mass of the globe increases, and causes the growth of its radius. In some cases, around the Pacific ocean, the growth is not revealed by spreading, but rather by clenching and squeezing, causing overthrusting. This phenomenon is a consequence of the replacement spherical gravitational equilibrium, resulting from differentiated addition and setting of the new matter beneath the crust blocks lying on opposite sides of the fault plane.

      In geotectonic reasoning it is seen that surprising data from the earth is not coordinated directly with the newest cosmic discoveries, but are adapted to the standard theoretical frame. On the other hand , the cosmological interpretations seems disdain the new data from the earth, as the Earth would not be a cosmic object too, but surely it is not a remote cosmic body to be observed by telescope, when it is beneath of the cosmic observatories’ base. The physics, geophysics and especially the astrophysics actually offer, to those examining the earth, an opportunity to leave aside the older concepts on matter in order to create a new concept, based on the dynamic components of the atom‘s structure, i.e. on the elementary particles and sub-particles. Through their integration and disintegration are formed three basic shapes of the matter; the common atom-molecular shape, the ultradense shape of the quark-neutronic stars or of the black holes, and the ultrarare shape of the physical fields and radiation; even the plasma as an unstable transitory state, that does change in chemical elements and radiation. The standard concept still does not take into account the wavy-corpuscular concept of the quant physics and defines the matter three physical states of only one matter shape, of atom-molecular one in three its phases: solid, liquid and gaseous, while the plasma takes as the overheated of this matter state. This is an outdated concept, because it doe not include the atom’s component partsand their transition into three above mentioned shapes. This is an outdated concept, because it does not include the atom’s component parts and their transition into three above mentioned shapes.?/

      An agglomerate comet-like original earth could not make a dynamic core; even gases, dust and debris inside the nebula could not form the planetary system. If one would understand the role of the core in planet’s history, than it would not be difficult to conclude that the Earth has its origin inside the gaseous-dusty nebula, as an ultradense core between an array of ultradense beads or cores, thrown with colossal speed by a certain super-massive and super-dense, which has exploded ( such as supernova or ultrasupernova). Simultaneously with this explosion occurs the strike and ignition of the ultradense beads, which immediately begins their transformation and then are surrounded by a corona of plasma. Such a core was composed of its ultradense inner content and the radiating plasmatic corona. As a consequence have been formed the original dynamic cores inside the nebula. The greatest core has attracted and held in orbital movement the small cores. Collision and accretion led to the further enlargement of the central core; the smaller cores led to enlargement of the central core, while the numerous orbital cores were joined and became a few of the larger cores. All the cores were the centers of the radiation and nucleosyntheses of the chemical elements. Only these type of cores had affinity to collide and connect. Later in a certain phase of their development, the orbital cores began to attract the matter generated and thrown by themselves, and other space matter. So then the cores have been covered with atomo-molecular matter vs. silicate matter and b

    • profile image

      Vedat Shehu 7 years ago

      Dear colleagues,

      I am informing you all on essence of my theory, which supports the sound parts, and simultaneusly oppose, the weak concepts of three fondamental earth theories: neofixism, neomobilism and expansionism. I must stress that it differ radically from those three trends in global tectonics as they are based in the standard old bases of the earth origin. Lt's see on my essay on the theory.

      View on the theory of “The Growing and Developing Earth” in Albanian (2009) (Subtitle "Geotheoretical view on matter transformation") \The same theory edited in English, USA (2005):“ The Growing and Developing Earth” See: About me as author:

      Prof. Dr. Ing. Vedat Shehu originally is from Old Borsh, was born in Delvine (1935), graduated as a geologist engineer in the Czech Republic (VSB, 1959), was awarded with three labor prizes and a prize of the Republic. In the beginning he was engaged in ore research works (1959 -1962), later, until recently, was engaged in geological engineering research. He has participated in many scientific activities , even coauthored a compilation of the geological map of Albania; was a participant in Urbino’s (Italy) International Workshop on “New Concept in Global Tectonics” (29 – 31 August 2004). His work was concentrated on the engineer-geological studies of the rivers, industrial and urban building areas, and on the problems of the geo-dynamic processes: landslides, earthquakes, underground waters, etc. In the scientific articles he has brought into evidence (pointed out) new data on a real space-time conception of the geological structures, magmatic activity, and relativity of the thrusts and overthrusts of the separated zones and of the entire Albanides. The integration of his work is found in the book “The developing Earth” (Tirane 1988), in “the Growing and Developing Earth (USA 2005), and in this enlarged edition in Albanian.

      The essence of the theory:

      “What can one tell about the peach’s pit, if we only know its rind and a bit from its pulp? . . . . . One might even say that our planet did not make the core, but rather, the core’s kernel makes the earth, our Earth”.

      On the Theory


      “The Growng and Developing Earth”

      (Esay on the book)

      Formulation of the theory:

      “The matter transformation in the ultradense ultrathin core kernel’s geo-sphere is the cause of the Earth’s formation, growth and development since its origin”.

      This formulation expresses the author’s original conceptions proposing the unusual theory “The Growing and Developing Earth” These unusual or atypical conceptions are:

      - on the basic shapes of the transforming matter;

      - on the energetic kernel of the earth core as active cosmic object;

      - on the modification of the standard theory on the Earth’s origin in the frame of the solar system;

      - on the earth growing (vs. expanding) process caused from the core kernel transformation;

      - on the cause of the geological development of the earth crust.

      If the aforementioned formulation would to be accepted, it would create a new fundamental theoretical base that would be better oriented towards either the geological research or the cosmic one.

      Matter transformation is in the base of every development, every process, but the peculiarity of this theory is seen at a certain kind of the matter shape, causing the growing and developing processes of the Earth since its origin, as an object in a nook of the endless universe.

      Plate Tectonics, today’s standard and dominant theory on the globe’s development, has negated the earth enlargement alternative, because such a concept, formulated firstly by Montavani, has been considered an absurdity undeserving of attention by Wegener’s continental drift theory. In this theory the ancient single global continent “Pangaea” surrounded by global ocean “Panthalassa” was broken, and continued their next displacement to each other in an earth with fixed radius. This theory, of the continental drift, for absence of an acceptable cause, has been abandoned and has fallen into oblivion for a half century, until it was renewed and reinforced with the unexpected data from the rocky oceanic crust, evidencing that even oceanic bottom is fragmented in movable pieces (plates). Right through the middle of every ocean bottom passes the global rift dividing the global oceanic ridge. Along the both sides of the rift partition, the crust is the youngest up to recent date and is progressively getting older toward the distant continents. This new data, although revolutionizing scientific thought, did not appreciate the enlargement’s phenomenon. Such phenomenon would require to break the classic frame of the basic hypotheses of the planet-formation, but this request was beyond the possibilities of the earth’s investigators. On the other side, cosmologists were careless regarding sensational unexpected data, newly obtained from the earth, in order to integrate them with the more suprising discoveries from cosmos. Just this sluggishness on coordination of the achievements in the study of the dynamics of the earth’s core kernel and of the space objects, has imposed acceptance of the fabricated mechanism of the plate tectonics even in cosmology, especially in planetarology.With the help of this mechanism, the enlargement of the oceanic crust is seen, not as demonstration of the enlargement of the whole globe, but only as oceanic floor opening or spreanding in itself. Furthermore in order to justify that earth radius remains permanently constat, is supposed that the in the same amount the oceanic crust encreases, simultaneously is diminished; the plate newly formed is shifted by the under-core flows until, at the site of their collision, one plate passes under another and is sunk and contaminated by hot and the flowing viscosous mantle, which participates in the circulation of the viscosous hot rocky matter ending again at the rift, where it is moving outward to the surface, ending again as new rigid rocky crust at midle-oceanic ridge, and finally completes its circulation.

      If one would understand that the idea of the rocky crust circulation does not occur, then instantly and unequivocally that crosses into the earth enlargement’s alternative.

      That the Earth is a sphere with a progressively growing radius is confirmed by the fact that continents are fitting almost utterly in a sphere with a radius a little greater than the half of the actual radius (0,575R), which is gained without the ocean crust. This phenomenon has been called earth’s expansion by founders and their followers. Although many facts are given by them, and have done several interpretations to argue enlargement and the impossibility of presence of the pretending mechanism of the Plate Tectonics, still they did not reach any acceptable interpretation on the cause of the enlargement, on the mechanism generating the expanding process. Just, by the same reason that the Wegener’s original mobilism has been left aside in the past, today is abandoned expansionism, which having not an acceptable cause by itself, claims to withdraw from the Plate Tectonics, its coined mechanism.

      In some variants the expansion represents itself as a spontaneous enlargement in a certain phase of the earth’s history, but an abrupt start of the earth enlarging process could not be in accordance with the laws of the globe’s development. In another variants the expansion is applied as reflex of the diminution of the gravitational constant according to expanding universe hypothesis; again there is applied a theorization detached from the necessary inner factor.

      Even the interpretation considering the expansion as result of the cosmic dust attraction does not justify such outer mechanism, beside there is rare

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 7 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      Thank you very much NM, I agree: the most important is that sciensce will learn that Earth is alive.

    • profile image

      NM156 7 years ago

      I believe in the theory of planetary expantion, imo it is the closest to Law. I mean as complicated as the main stream experts can make things, how ironic is it that the anawer is that simple. Perhaps, one day, mainstream science will finally learn that Our Mother is alive.

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 7 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      Thank you, TB: well, whenever someone discoveres something new or start to think on some innovative way, there is bunch of people who opose to that. It is classical scenario - people do not like change. But step by step, we will be able to find out what truth really is.

      Thank you very much for the comment and for the links, Tokio Press.

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 7 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      Thank you very much, Katesisco, your comment is highly appreciated and I always learn something new from you.

    • profile image

      Tokyo Pressbox 7 years ago

      Greetings, Forum!

      I wrote 3 articles about expansion tectonics for a Sunday special in The Japan Times last November. Do a Google search for "Growing Earth" and my name (in byline) and you will see how opposed main-streamers are toward growing Earth.

      They tend to use a kind of circular logic to defend their theory, which is so screwed up that it allows for anything to serve as evidence. Don't believe it--plate tectonics is pseudo-science that lets everyone have everything. And they don't like it when people like us ask questions.


      Tokyo Pressbox...

    • profile image

      katesisco 7 years ago

      Well, W Thornhill, et al, will be at a global conference on the electric universe theory in England in June 2010, perhaps more information will tie some of the electric sun/universe together. Birkeland currents seem capable of energizing the earth to such levels that the crust would rise along the path of the current---what generates the current? Current theory says it would have to be another planetary body. But...........there is so much we don't know about plasma mix and we cling to gravity and big bang.

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 8 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      Mass is energy . Energy creates all what we see - even mass.

      Energy has no problem with expanding, growing, forming, creating....

      Thank you for the visit and comment, Jumm.

    • profile image

      Jim 8 years ago

      How can any intelligent person not accept the fact the earth is increasing in size? The question everyone should be pondering is what is the mass causing the expansion... could it be gas? What else can be expanding in the center of the earth to cause the major shifting of the land masses. Most gases as we know it explode in high temperatures... scientific journals imply our core is molten mass... but how does a mass expand... unless it is producing a gas.

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 8 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      Thank you very much for your very interesting comment Aqua. Your opinion and knowledge is highly appreciated.

    • profile image

      Aqua 8 years ago

      I've been digging this subject for nearly two years now.

      Of course this theory is way more accurate then continental drift theory.

      Planets and moons are indeed expanding. The expansion rate is accelerating. The same case as with the Expansion of The Universe.

      The Stars which explode while their fuel runs out shatters and give start to a new stars and solar systems. These systems grow and expands and eventually vanish in another explosion of their "homestars".

      The expansion process based on transforming unknown type of energy into matter is happening in the core of the planet/moon but that should be obvious at this point :)

      The matter which is beeing created at the center of planets/moons - most likely stars as well - is simple type of matter. Thats why giant gas-like planets like Saturn or Jupiter are build mostly of hydrogen.

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 8 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      Thank you very much for your comment Katekisco.

    • profile image

      katesisco 8 years ago

      I have since reread WS Carey and feel his geology/science based theory much more correct than my fantasy. He did not know what caused expansionism and felt it had to be cosmological and hence all universe would be subject to it. Not only is Earth expanding but all is. He points out the lack of explanation of bodies scientifically incapable of giving off heat none the less do. He believed the Moon was a remnant of the asteroid belt arriving late and quietly beside Earth. He did not know by what action the Earth expanded. He proposed that 'dark energy' does not exist as the Hubble expansion eliminates the need to find 'dark energy.' He believed that the geologic evidence clearly shows no deep oceans until almost the Mesozoic. His theory unfortunately never gained favor as the mass of the Earth would not allow for coalescing after explosion; we would be as the asteroid belt.

      My interest in odd theories still remains and as Carey asked: Why does the Earth have such high Nitorgen? when no other planetary body does? I note that he says on page 21 that mutations, in which a carbon was changed to nitrogen, may have triggered a burst of evolution. If the magnetism that science now feels (between the sun and the earth) is a major factor to allowing energetic solar particles into the earth, building up only to be suddenly released could be the cause?

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 8 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      Thank you very much Katecisco for your long and interesting comment.

      Well, I live on Adriatic coast, level of sea is now significatnly lower then hundert years ago, even after so many icebergs melted on poles. It certainly means something.

      When I started to ask myself why is that, I have found this hypothesis which made me think...

    • profile image

      katesisco 8 years ago

      I too, with age I think, am becoming .............for starters my degree is in geology, never used but catastrophism has always fascinated me. My dad told me when I mentioned Vel (he who shall not be named) that that theory was discredited and I have to admit parting the Red Sea was a bit much. And then the field got all cluttered up with Nibiru, et al.

      But the Sanxingdui culture existed at the same time as the first yellow river Shang in China, and was much more advanced. From a find of ritually broken and burnt items it was sensational from all aspects; the masks of gold, the enlarged eyes that are no different from Tlalok the Mayan rain god. Recreated from the relics is a Tree of Life which seems to me to be more like magma throat and the vents; I was particularly impressed by the ends of the various branches (vents) that ended in what seemed like a hand, more evidence to me that it was a volcanic representation as the hand depicted flowing magma.

      The Maya also had a sacred undergound cave with worship (tlaloc) centered on a huge stalagmite. Think world tree here. The Taoist world tree sounds more like an A blast from the description of a sphere scooped to the core with the scoops laid down on the ground. That would be a concept in line with the Southern China pyramids being the world opposite of the ones in the destroyed Mayan Caribbean site. I consider that the pyramids were originally on the Equator and that that position allowed energy to be drawn from the Schumann Resonance. This orientation no longer exists. Instead a trench extending form the gashed-in Mayan peninsula to and through Cuba extending 5 miles into the sea floor.

      All this and the destroyed airliner exactly where the large slice of ionosphere is torn, made thinking about S Warren Carey's theory more important. P Ward, 2002 book Out of Thin Air, reads like an expanded Earth event and consequences. The Earth convolves (why is still unknown,) the air thins, the oceans drop drastically and less oxygen is available. All consequences of an expansion event, mountain building, more co2, 3 mile drop in oceans expose carbon material that oxidizes, methane is added, water demolecularized into the atmosphere, and we have P Ward's gasping for air creatures as if they were at 3,000 feet up instead of at sea level. This does so beautifully explain the return to the sea for mammals desperate for air. He says everything except Carey was right.

      One supposes that we still are not sure how the Earth can expand. The land masses stay old, the ocean floors are 200 my; we are still in need of an explanation there.

      Here we may look for a higher energy input as proposed by some physicists due to higher energy pockets naturally occurring in space. which would ignite an expansion event. Or take a look at the tremendous sunspot that was an acknowledgment from the sun that an energy message was received and here is our copy!! Unfortunately that Earth sized sunspot will appear again as this is part of the sunspot cycle. Venus experienced sufficient energy to nearly completely resurface (become molten all over) and what the heck can explain that?

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 8 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      Thank you "d", yes "la tierra se esta expandiendo". Thank you for your comment and visit.

    • profile image

      8 years ago

      si la tierra se esta expandiendo

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 8 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      Thank you very much, Antony for your valuable comment.

      Well, diameter of Earth is not changing a lot during the one year, so in last 40-50 years the change would be one half of meter-1 meter, so this is not much. The expanding Earth hypothesis speeks about change in gravitation as well.

      I am not pro, neither contra that hypothesis, just started to accept the possibility that theory might be correct, at least to the certain level. The fact is - that we have new

      seafloor outgrowth on the bottom of oceans, that despite all ice on poles which is constanly melting, sealevel is not raising att all (I live on the Adriatic coast, and domestic people tell me that in last 100 years sealevel DROPPED DOWN)... so all this let me wonder. The fact is also that Universe is expanding, so planets cannot stay the same...etc.

    • profile image

      Antony V.Trowbridge 8 years ago

      Dear Tatjana,

      Now I have picked this up.

      Here in South Africa there has always been a great interest in the previous existence of 'Gondwanaland' it having been proved geologically and biologically that the countinents of S. America, Africa, India and Australia where onec connected. But in terms of engineering science the idea of having one continent is not logical. It was Buckminster Fuller who drew attention to the fact that if a flywheel had any eccentric form on its surface, it would blow apart

      This is one of the best evidence of a 'growing earth'

      Then again, does not NASA regularly measure the diameter of the planet ? Or is that kept quiet, because the majority of geological experts at a fairly recent international congress refused to accept the thesis of a growing earth

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 8 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      Dohn, I just love your comment...BTW, since my early childhood I know that rocks are alive.

      This theory is also so intriguing for me, I just needed to share it.

      Thank you so much!

    • dohn121 profile image

      dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      This is very intriguing, Tatjana-Mihaela. I like it very much. Theories such as these are sure to create a paradigm shift in our traditional belief that this is not possible. Michael Crichton once argued that a rock may in fact be "alive" for all we know, because we're conditioned to believe that rocks are dead matter and so cannot possibly be alive, case closed. Thank you for sharing this. It's fascinating.

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 8 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      Thank you, Ralwus for sharing your opinion. Hm, can you please try to explain the expansion of ocean floor from the 3rd picture, which is factual (it is not hypothetic)?

    • profile image

      ralwus 8 years ago

      I understand the theory well. But the only real growth would be the added layer of dead matter grown from the original globe. Dead animals and plants adding to the soil, and the many meteorites that bombard us constantly. I suppose once in while a comet has added more water too. One can only imagine the many hollows inside the globe from all the spewing of lava. When will it end? Will we one day sink back into these hollows? something to contemplate isn't it?

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 8 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      BTW, Eliabeth, you compared expansion of the Earth to the baloon, my idea was - growth of the pumpkin...

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 8 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      Thank you very much, Sequia. I have found the Expanding Earth Theory theory after I asked this Universe the question how would climate change affects us. I was very confused because of predictions about raising up sea-level because a lot of ice already melted and sea-level is still the same, actually lower then 100 years ago....

      Thank you very much for your supporting comment....

    • sequoiablessed profile image

      sequoiablessed 8 years ago from USA

      Once again I love your HUBS! This theory is the best I have heard to explain the earths evolution and it goes perfectly with metaphysical teaching in an expanding Universe where everything is expanding. Growth is a fact of life and so this makes perfect sense. I just saw a program on Blackholes that exist in every galaxy and they are all expanding! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 8 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      Hi, QS, I really love your gave additional valuable information about increasing Earth surface after big eartquakes.


    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 8 years ago

      From what I have heard, a slight increase in surface area occurs after every major earthquake.

      It is quite understandable that the earth behaves like a balloon and gets "inflated" due to subterranean activities.

      Cool! Increase in surface area to accommodate a growing population. "Na zdorovye!"

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 8 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      Wow, Misha, so happy to see you here. I also heard about it 2 weeks ago...

      Well, I am also not specialist in geology, but become very courios after reading this theory.

      Many hugs....

    • Misha profile image

      Misha 8 years ago from DC Area

      Umm, interesting theory Tanechka, never heard about it. At the first glance it makes perfect sense, from the common sense point of view. :) But I am not a specialist in geology and such, so can't really say if it makes sense looking from there...

      Definitely like it though, thanks for sharing it :)


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