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IS OUR PLANET REALLY GROWING? Earth Expansion Hypothesis

Updated on December 7, 2010

What we really know about our planet and our universe? Very little, almost nothing. 

While surfing on Net, I have found interesting geological theory about constant growth and expanding of the Earth, which could explain many geological phenomenas during the Earth history.

This theory says that in its prehistory Earth was much smaller, consisting of only one continent (pancontinent) which covered all globe, with very little shallow seas on the surface of our planet (also it exists possibility that all surface of planet was covered with water).

Due to the growth of Earth, one pancontinent broke into continents which gradually moved and now they are on the place we know they are. According to this theory expansion of the Earth is happening now as well, so surface of the Earth is in constant (slow) growing process.

Very simplified explanation of this theory is that Earth is getting energy for expansion from its core, and that energy of core is creating matery of planet`s surface.

"Growing - Expanding Earth Hypothesis is explored and supported by several of geologists, physicists, and expanding earth researchers including geologists Vedat Shehu, James Maxlow, Stavros Tassos and others. The hypothesis explores evidence for continental matching on both of the Pacific and Atlantic sides of the globe, geological implications of a changing surface curvature and a smaller, lower-gravity Earth's contribution to the size of dinosaurs. Growing Earth Hypothesis also attempts to put forth, through existing scientific evidence, a mechanism by which new mass is created within the core of the Earth, to facilitate the Expanding Earth model of the late Australian geologist S. Warren Carey.

It is interesting to know, that comics artist Neal Adams popularized this theory. He was followed the developments of expanding earth hypothesis and plate tectonics since the 1960s and independently researched and studied the various sciences relating to them and to the developing cosmology model."

During the 1960s experimental ocean drilling discovered the new seafloor growth along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge what shows that the Atlantic Ocean is a relatively new addition to the planet and is still growing, constantly adding new surface area: the drilling showed that some parts of the ocean floor are much younger and more thiner then the others.

Earth Expansion Theory explaines why has sea level dropped by 16000 feet since prehistorical times.Simply answer could be, that our planet has expanded.

The prediction of this theory is that the Earth will continue to grow (circa 22-42 mm - circa one inch-2 per year) in the future as well.

This theory also explains that the other planets grow, as well as the whole Universe and it is good food for a thoughts about visible part of our Universe as well as good basis for further findings of geologists (and other scientists) who now try to connect all hypothesis about genesis of Earth in one unique theory (if they do not argue about them, what is unfortunately more often).

Well, what is my opinion about this theory?

Like anything else in this Universe, our planet is living organism, with its consciousness, with high developed intelligence, and everyone and everything what is alive - has natural need to progress, grow and explore oneself. Growth, development (and transformation) are natural processes of any living organism - so it is very natural that planets and universe could grow and progress.

Expansion of ocean floor

The newest growth of ocean floor is red one.
The newest growth of ocean floor is red one.

Geologist James Maxlow showed how this expansion looked like:

Comisc artist Neal Adams popularised Earth Expansion theory

Comics artist Neal Adams did his best to popularisation of this theory while performing many decades long, very dedicated personal research.

Altough he says that not admitting growth of the Earth belongs to the conspiracy of science, I would say that it is very difficult to accept any new hypothesis when the old ones are established (does not matter if they are correct or not).

So, please, hear Neal Adams and his interesting explanation of that theory:

The books about growing the Earth

Question for Hubbers and for all readers

Dear Hubbers, I would be very glad to read your comments about this sounds very interesting to me.

If this theory is correct, this could completely differently influence the impact of climate change which is affecting us, so we really cannot predict - anything. Scientists predict drastic raising up the ocean level when ice on poles melts down, but, if this theory is correct, changes do not need to be so drastic, because ocean floor is different then it was during the last Ice Age. Good reason to be more positive....and promote harder ecology, because it is worth trying. Earth is feeding us and protecting us, and we need to respect it much more then up till now.

Obviously, the time came, when we all need to change our established beliefs about everything we know, so let us try to imagine and assume, what would be real truth about planet we live on. In this whole world of ours, only change is persistent... let us start with changing our beliefs....


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