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5 Top Freelance Resources - Service Provider's Guide to Working From Home

Updated on March 22, 2012

Find your work from home niche and earn cash without the commute.

This lens will review one of the top 5 work from home industries, present video tutorials to explore your compatibility with the opportunity, and offer guidelines to get you started working from home in one of the top 5 fastest growing business services industries today. What is most appealing is that you can accomplish all of this all from the comfort of your own home saving thousands each year in commuting expenses and other work related costs.

Save time, money, stress, and do something you love to do. This lens will show you how.


5 Top Work From Home Opportunities

On August 8, 2008 Tory Johnson of GMA Workplace spoke on an ABC News program about her new book and the top 5 work from home industies today. Complete News Cast link below. Here are the highlights;

GMA Workplace reports the 5 Top Work from Home Jobs in Growth Industries.

1) (turn your crafts and hobbies into cash). Income potential is extraordinary. Example was presented of a women who sells hand made handbags from about $50 each and generates about 65,000 a year in sales.

2) Virtual Customer Service (7000 openings between now and the end of 2008 alone. Positions range from 8-15 dollars an hour).

3) Business Services (odesk and elance. "About 20,000 openings on each of these sites." You name your hourly rate.)

4) Online Tutoring ( 10-15 dolloars an hour)

5) guides (15 hour a week = $1500 month income).

ABC News August 8, 2008 ; "Earn Cash Without a Commute" Tory Johnson shares tips about how to make a living from home.


About Elance

Elance is an online workplace where businesses connect with qualified professionals to get work done.

With the largest network of certified technology and creative talent, Elance helps businesses succeed by connecting them with the people they need to get work done. Elance facilitates the entire work process from hiring to collaboration to payment.

Businesses use Elance to get work done by qualified professionals whenever they need it. Service providers use Elance to meet customers and get paid for doing what they do best.

Corporate Information

The company is privately-held and headquartered in Mountain View, California.

Will Work from Home: Earn the Cash--Without the Commute
Will Work from Home: Earn the Cash--Without the Commute

Editorial Review:

Escape the cube. Ditch the commute. It's not just a dream anymore.

Many people already spend 12 hours a day getting to work, working, getting home from work. Here's some good news: thanks to advances in technology, acceptance of outsourcing, the trend towards corporate flextime, and other factors, working from home is easier than ever.

Good Morning America's Workplace Contributor Tory Johnson and consumer advocate Robyn Freedman Spizman tell readers exactly how to turn today's cultural change to their advantage without giving up an income. Specific business plans will teach them how to:

• Take their current position home

• Find a new company whose policies will allow them to work from home

• Reseach a product they believe in, and sell it from home

• Start their own business, doing something they love, for a minimal initial investment

With real-life stories, a step-by-step plan, resource guides, and lists of scams to avoid, this is the book that will help readers finally make the leap--and show them that they don't have to give up their family, creativity, or peace of mind to earn a decent salary.

About the Author

Tory Johnson is the founder and CEO of Women for Hire, which produces recruiting events for women across the country. Robyn Freedman Spizman is a well known consumer advocate who appears extensively in the media.


Services Provided by Elance Service Providers - This Could Be You - These are the top 8 categories of services that professionals are looking to Elance service

There are several categories that you may find fit right into your interest and skills. The following are the top 8 categories that professional business owners are seeking help with right now.

Web & Programming: Flash banner overlay, web programming, master web layout, and more.

Design & Multimedia: Flash designer, 3D animator, retail package designer, illustrator, and more.

Writing & Translation: College research paper, ghost writer, stroke recovery guide, data input, website translation, and more.

Administrative Support: Call center, customer support, data entry of resumes, address extraction, real estate assistant, support & sales, and more.

Sales & Marketing: General research, business plan, lead generation, online marketing, and more.

Finance & Management: cash flow forecast, buy point analysis, risk analysis, training and leadership, financial projections, and more.

Legal: Intellectual property rights, paralegal, book copyright filing, legal documents, legal memos, invoice/contract, and more.

Engineering and Manufacturing: prototypes, product design, manufacturing, and more.

With such a array of opportunities you are sure to find the project that you are interested in and that will bring you even more opportunities.

Elance University 101 : Creating an Effective Profile

One of the first steps in beginning a work from home venture with is to take the assessment test. The following tutorial is one of several offered by Elance University to help interested people prepare for the test.

Elance University 201 - Creating Effective Proposals

Once you have created your profile, the next step is to find a posted project and create a proposal. This tutorial will show you how.

EU 301 How To Manage Customer Engagements

Rachel shows us how to manage a project once you have won a job proposal.

From the initial scoping session to closing the project.

A Profile That is Inspiring - RSBPublishing

The following link will take you to an associate's profile on so you can see an example of the way your Elance profile could look.

The profile page allows professionals who are looking for you to see your qualifications, feedback from other projects you have worked on, as well as earnings from the projects.

Notice the tabs that allow you to browse a service provider's portfolio. This feature allows people to see your previous work.

Visit Becky's Profile here...

Inspirational Profile Feature by RSB Publishing

As I move forward I will be sharing more of my experiences at Elance. It would be great if you would join me and we can shorten the learning curve together.

Was This Lens Helpful? - Thank you for stopping by. Please let me know if you have discovered helpful information here.

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    ANDRI 9 years ago

    i like it. i was finding the lens about elance. 5***** for your lens

  • JenniferAkers LM profile image

    JenniferAkers LM 9 years ago

    Hi, thanks for the great examples in your freelance resource lens. Here's my main lens, as you asked :-)

    Best, Jennifer

  • JenniferAkers LM profile image

    JenniferAkers LM 9 years ago

    Hi, thanks for the great examples in your freelance resource lens. Here's my main lens, as you asked :-)

    Best, Jennifer

  • GypsyOwl profile image

    Deb Bryan 9 years ago from Chico California

    I am a new Elance service provider. Yes it is for real. Visit my friend's profile (link is in the "A Profile That is Inspiring - RSBPublishing" section above) and you will see a real person who is making great work from home income.

  • CrypticFragment1 profile image

    Tammy Winand 9 years ago from McleodGanj HP India

    hey! do you use this service? it sounds great but is it for real?

    5***** just for sharing the info

    hugs too

  • CrypticFragment1 profile image

    Tammy Winand 9 years ago from McleodGanj HP India

    hey! do you use this service? it sounds great but is it for real?

    5***** just for sharing the info

    hugs too