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Energy Resources – for the Betterment of Our Future

Updated on April 8, 2020
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The author is a young schoolboy who loves reading and is very much interested in interacting with other writers.


In this world, the uses of energy resources are increasing day-by-day. Only when we properly conserve them we can utilize it for a long period. For this, we must be intelligent, active and energy conscious. The population of the world has increased up to 8 billion. The people living here have equal rights to use energy resources. One cannot create or destroy energy. They can only transform it from one form to another.

Non-renewable energy
Non-renewable energy

Forms of Energy

Energy is very useful as far as mankind is concerned and is divided into two parts that are renewable and non-renewable resources. Let us see what these are and what has made them special in terms of usefulness to mankind.

Renewable Energy Resources

Renewable energy resources are attracting human beings more and more. Recently, there is consciousness regarding the utilization of renewable energies for utilization for conserving the resources. Mainly solar energy is the most abundant energy available in the solar system. Other than this wind, waves, geotherm are the other major sources of renewable energy.

1. Solar Energy

The term 'solar' comes from the word 'sol', which means 'The Sun', and 'Solaris' which means 'of the Sun'. Solar energy is the light and heat energy obtained from the sun to do all that we are to do using it. With the help of solar energy, we can generate electricity, heat the water, remove the salt from seawater, etc. Solar energy is useful in areas where there is the availability of sunlight.

2. Wind Energy

Wind energy is the mechanical energy in which wind is used to generate electricity. Its turbines convert kinetic energy into mechanical energy with the help of a generator. It is very useful in making electricity and can be used in daily life for our betterment. Since wind is readily available everywhere in the atmosphere and can be used freely. Hence it is easy to generate electricity from wind. The only requirement is the optimum wind speed.

Solar panel
Solar panel

3. Wave and Tidal Energy

Wave and tidal energy have a mechanical power which can be converted into electrical energy. Tidal energy is the energy produced by the tides of the ocean, wave energy is the energy formed by waves when they move at a particular speed. Both waves and tides contain a lot of energy and momentum.

4. Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is the thermal energy which is stored inside the earth.Thermal energy is the heat determination of the temperature of any matter. The origin of the Earth's crust is because of the formation of geothermal energy.

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Non-Renewable Energy Resources

A non-renewable resource is a substance that is not replenished with the speed it is consumed.Some of the energy resources which cannot be replenished, after consumption·

1. Fossil Fuel

Fossil fuels like oil, natural gases, etc. are very useful in cooking, as fuels, fire extinguisher, etc. but are limited and are to be used in such a way that they are enough for use in our future so that the next gene also gets enough of it.

Crude Oils

Crude oils are naturally occurred, unrefined petroleum which is composed of a deposition of hydrocarbon and other organic matter. It is used as jet fuel, for generating heat and electricity, etc

Natural Gas

Natural gas which is also known as fossil gas which is naturally occurred from the mixture of hydrocarbon gas which primarily consists of methane, higher alkenes and a small percentage of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, or helium also.


Coal is a very useful and popular resource which is used all around the world as fuel. Coal forms once in million years, when trees are buried in an earthquake or any other natural calamity. The trees get heated due to the heat inside the earth. Then they get closer to the hot outer core. Then after a lot of years coal is formed.

Transformation of Energy Forms

Conversion of one form of energy into another is known as Energy transformation or energy conversion. For example, the iron box turns electric energy into thermal/heat energy. A mixer turns electrical energy into mechanical energy. The body of any human converts chemical energy from food into mechanical and electrical energy.

Energy Use

Energy is used almost everywhere in a different way, like coal is mostly used in China, India, USA, etc. Crude oil is mostly used in the USA, China, India and Japan.


Coal Production (Millions of Tons)
United States

Crude Oil

Million barrels per day
Share of the world total
United States

Energy Utility Devices

There are various useful devices for day to day use of people. Some important and emerging ones are Photovoltaic (PV) Technology which converts the light from the sun which hits the solar panel and gets converted into electrical energy which helps us in boiling water or gets electricity. The wind turbine in the windmill converts kinetic energy into mechanical energy which is useful in generating electricity. Absorbers convert the to and fro motion of waves into electric energy for the generation of electricity for the wellness of human.

Final Words

The user has to choose the right form of energy for his purpose. Using energy-efficient devices makes it economic for not only to the persons but also for the life on earth. There is plenty of energy not utilised properly and various organizations are involved in researching making use of energy for the ease of life. This way, we are the beneficiaries of the energy and environment.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Jnanesh Sharma H


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