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Effective time management for students.

Updated on May 11, 2010

There is nothing as bad as an unplanned thing. Nobody planned to fail, we fail because we failed to plan. Planning involves sitting down, thinking a head of time and putting down on a piece of paper what you will do. Unfortunately, this is a very tough task to very many students.

Our studies, call for regular planning. By planning, you bring your future action into focus. Planning gives you a priority. It helps you to isolate your actions and concrete your efforts to achieving them. It makes you to have enough rest. Besides it makes you to  do less unimportant things.

Planning makes you to achieve so much with so little and an effort. Our activities fall within four cardinal categories and there are two questions we must ask before taking any action. The question are: is it important? Is it urgent?
1.     If it is important and urgent ……………. Do it
2.    If it is important but not urgent … postpone it.
3.    If it is urgent but not important.. Delegate somebody to do it.
4.     If it is neither important nor urgent … discard it.
A good student should always write on a piece of paper what he/she wants to a accomplish for the day. The best time to do this is the night before. Make sure you’re at the very place for each assignment at the very time allocated to it. If you make out a certain time for a certain task, don’t compromise it. Stick to it! This will invariably give you the focus you need to avoid distractions that are inevitable during the day.
 A man with a plan normally accomplish more than a plan without a plan. Planning gives you a direction. Lack of proper planning of your day will adversely affect your rate of assimilation.


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    • esheya profile image

      esheya 6 years ago from Nigeria

      Andrea, what you said is very true and I agree with you on that.

    • Andrea Hildreth profile image

      Andrea Hildreth 6 years ago from West Coast, USA

      Hello esheya,

      You have some great ideas. I wonder what you think of organizational tools for students such as Cornell Notes. I think that it is easier to management your time if you have a clear idea of the tasks you need to accomplish. Do you agree?