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Updated on June 15, 2016

Evolutionary Theory Flaws

   Do i believe in evolution ?   

yes  : but there are so many  errors in the theory.  I wish not to call it a theory but an hypothesis.

No living being can actually use the techniques available to man to say the climatic and environmental conditions of pre historics.

come to think of it, it is a well known fact that so many plants and animals have gone extinct, the fossils say so.

Then we can say that there could have been several animals that could have been like apes and man that were selected to go extinct.

 My belief on evolution is that man was able to change the  compelx and ever changing  environment to suite him, and not man himself.

He was able to change from a primitive to civilized man through the tools he constantly modify.

The theory says that microbes evolved through some complex activities due to changes on the earth.

that is partially taken, yes there were changes which occured in prehistoric and historic times,and in order for survival man changed his tools of living.

Let us ask ourseves a question here



Seriously a force must have caused the changes and if apes evolved as a result of coping with the change in the earth, then those that did not change would altimately die.

The bible and other religious books can help.

 A thousand years in the eyes of men is like a day to God,not a day, so it is possible for a millions of years in the eyes of man to be one day in Gods calendar, afterall the calendar we use today is from man.

If so we can actually account for different fossils of different animals before finding mans. This is especially noted that man was the last to be formed.

To the eye of the prophet recording the creation,he had accounted forall the changes that occured on earth from Gods calendar.

What am trying to say is that God is the altimate cerator, the force that resulted in the creation,which is being explained by evolutionalist as animal to man evolution.

Hei think about this very critically,if we cant really now the total animals living in the prehistoric times, we then dont have no right to assume that man s ancestors are apes because of similar features found in the fossils of dead animals before the appearance of man.

 My theory,

 Man is a perfect being created by God as the last thing of creation andman is continually chnging his mode of reasoning to be able to change and cope with the changes of the earth. 


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