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Exam Strategies and Preparation for Success

Updated on September 28, 2010

How To Prepare for Examination

Step 1 - When is Exam?

You will need to know when the examination is going to start. From knowing the date, you start to count how many days towards the day Exam begins. How many days do you have to prepare before you sit for the first exam paper.

Step 2 - How many Subjects are you sitting for this Exam?

If there are 7 subjects. Then how many days you can afford for revision of each subject. If there are 49 days to the first exam paper, then you will likely have 7 days per subject to be revised. But then..... there are subjects which do not really need 7 days to revise, maybe 3 days.... some difficult subjects may require 9 days, and so on.

Step 3 - Exam Revision Strategy

You will list down what subjects you are strong in and which you are weak in. Revise the weak subjects first. You may need more help from teachers or friends to help you with the weak ones. Leave the subjects you have the least problem with towards the end, just to browse and do a quick memory recall.

Step 4 - Exam Subject and Topics

For each Subject, you will most likely have topics which are a breeze to you. There are topics which you will need to seek help. Again work on those topics which you need help first, and spend a little more time than necessary to get it understood.

Step 5 - Exam Preparation Schedule

Do up an Exam Preparation Schedule. You will need to keep track of what you are doing. If it is 49 days to Exam, block off all the distractions (computer games, internet MSN chats, TV, etc), and ensure that each day is well spent to prepare for examination. Advisable to work hard now and enjoy later when your examination is over and done with.

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