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facebook addiction disorder and cure

Updated on August 31, 2012

Have you heard of facebook addiction? Are you suffering from facebook addiction disorder? Do you know the consequences of this dangerous disease “facebook addiction”? Do you want to know if you are suffering from facebook addictions? Do you know the facebook addiction symptoms? Do you want to get rid of this dangerous addiction of facebook? Is Your head always filled with facebook login screen?

If the answers to above questions are “yes”, you need to take a test to identify whether you are a patient of facebook addiction or not? You also need to cure this illness if you are suffering from this highly dangerous disease.

This article is all about facebook addiction disorder and its cure. These days facebook has become the necessary part of life and it is becoming the addiction for almost everyone. So it is necessary to stop the disease at an early stage. In this article you can find the signs of facebook addiction disorder, take the test to know if you are addicted and finally the cure.

Mark my words. Facebook Addiction Disorder is going to kill you if this facebook addiction prolongs for a long time. There are cases when the patients who suffered from so called facebook addiction lost their jobs or lost their spouse or lost their love. Do not take this easy, it’s a growing illness which is spreading very fast and you can be one of the victims of this much talked about illness “facebook addiction”. Now you should identify whether you are suffering from facebook addiction or not. How to identify? It’s easy and free also. You just answer some questions given below and identify whether you are addicted to facebook or not. This test is totally free and moreover the diagnosis for this facebook addiction is also free.

Are you a facebook addict?
Are you a facebook addict?

Answer the questions in following Facebook Addiction Disorder Symptoms Test:

view quiz statistics

See how much addicted you are based on your score in facebook addiction disorder test.

So if you are addicted to facebook, You need immediate diagnosis for this dangerous facebook addiction. Dear friend, follow the instructions given below to cure yourself from this deadly disease. There is another world beyond facebook. So my dear facebook addicted friend, follow my advice given here to set yourself free from this addiction of facebook.

  • When you get up in the morning, go out for fresh air. Do yoga or run for a while. The fresh air of morning will give you tons of energy to make your day happy. This energy cannot be taken from facebook login screen or facebook activity.
  • Plan your day. Make a written commitment for yourself about the time to use facebook.
  • Do not ignore your friends and family. They are your real world. Pass time with them. Enjoy your time with your love or kids. The emotions thus emerged can never be generated by facebook login screen or facebook activity
  • Go for vacations. Have a good time.
  • Send a message to all your facebook friends that you are busy in an important project or work.
  • Do not let facebook rule you. Avoid overuse of facebook. Limit yourself to use facebook search or facebook login screen.
  • Try to minimize the time to spend on facebook activities slowly.
  • Do some creative activities like writing a poem, playing chess, painting, listening to music etc.
  • Let facebook be a book of faces which you should read when you really need it.

Live the life on earth and earth is very beautiful. Try to minimize your visits to the planet facebook because your real spouse or children or parents or friends live on this beautiful earth and you can touch and feel them whenever you want. Let technology be technology. Let Facebook be facebook. Your friends, spouse, family, parents and children need your beautiful touch. Let them touch you and feel you.

So with the above tips to save yourself from dangerous facebook addiction, you can live a happy and healthy life.

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For your information, I must tell you that I was a patient of facebook addiction and now I am totally free from this addictive facebook. I followed the tips given above and made myself free from the bondage of facebook.

Now it is your moral duty to share this useful article with your friends, family and relatives. Be a part of noble cause. You can save the precious life of someone.

Let facebook be a social media site where we should go in the times of need. Facebook is good and we should not spoil the face of this beautiful book.

Enjoy life with and without facebook


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