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Facial Expressions

Updated on May 22, 2010

Study of Facial Expressions

So today we are going to play the game of facial expressions. Which are the things on our face that express our feelings!? Eyes, eyebrows, lips, mouth and the overall face. Man's brain can easily understand these things which are expressing our emotions. And we are actually studying the expressions of men everyday when we are watching TV. Actually directors and the actors had really done the study, but it unconsciously reaches within us. So that way actually we are studying the facial expressions in our day to day life. But today I am bringing you the best facial game that you have ever seen.

Facial Expressions Website

Today we are going to see a website, by which we can express the emotions of men. We are going to visit Do2learn's facial expression part. Click here for that purpose. There is face on the left side of the page that you are visiting at the moment. If you can't see that face, then you need JAVA on your computer. You can install JAVA for your computer or you will get the link of JAVA on that page itself.

Game of Facial Expressions

So now you can see the face on the left side of that page. On the upper side there are emotions like afraid, interested, sad, ashamed, disgusted, surprised, happy, and angry. And there is a blank box in front of each of them. Suppose if you want the expression 'interested' on the left side face, then just tick mark the blank box in front of 'interested'. Then there is a option Reset on the upper side of the face. You can do that face as it is you using that option.

Now there are some options on the right side of the face. You bring any emotion on that face by using these options. You can do your own changes within that face. You changes that you bring can't be outside of the human emotions. So let's try! if there is a children in your house who like drawing, you can show this website to him.


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