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Remember these famous storms

Updated on September 6, 2009

The 2004 Indian ocean earthquake

 On December 26th, 2004 an undersea super earthquake occurred. This is one of the most famous storms ever to strike. What kind of storm did the powerful quake bring? It brought the storm know as the Tsunami.

The Tsunami that was created by this quake was disasters and deadly. The Tsunamis killed closed to 230,000 people in eleven countries. The deadly Tsunamis created by this quake makes this disaster one of the most famous storms ever too hit planet earth.


Hurricane Katrina, 2005

 One of the most famous storms to ever touch ground is definitely hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina is one of the mot deadliest hurricanes to ever hit the United States of America. Most notably New Orleans, Louisiana suffered the most life and property damage.

Over 1,000 people lost their life in the actually hurricane. Prelimanry damages also were more than $100 billion. %80 of New Orleans became flooded due to Hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina is easily one of the most famous storms to ever touch down in the United States.

The great blizzard of 1888

 One of the most famous storms ever is also the great blizzard of 1888. The blizzard took North East America by surprised. On March 12th, 1888 just shortly after midnight torrential rainfall turned into heavy snow.

The blizzard created winds of over 45 miles per hour. The blizzard also reduced visibility to almost zero and caused the snow to drift. Some drifts were reported to be as much as 40 feet in some areas.

This blizzard is easily one of the most famous storms to hit North East America.

Great Mississippi flood of 1993

One of the most famous storms ever to hit Mississippi is the great flood of 1993. The flood was one of the most devastating and costly floods ever to hit the United States. The flood left around $1.5 billion in damages.

This flood is easily one of the most famous storms to hit the United States not to mention one of the most costly storms to ever hit the United States.


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