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Farming Backbone Supporting Country to Fight Against Hunger

Updated on May 6, 2020
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The author is a villager, M.Phil. in Botany, MBA Marketing, a certificate in IPR and farming in South India. Natural farming is his passion.

Food and Farming

India and many other countries in the world have predominantly agriculture-based economies. We have a dominant 60% of the population depending on agriculture in the world. At the time when agriculture was under crisis, incentives and technology supports were given to save the farmers from debts. Overall, there is a lot of effort from all walks of life to ensure food security to the growing population.

Agriculture has been done by highly patriotic citizens and was serving the nation without looking for a high amount of remuneration. These are being done by them as a cultural and traditional ritual. Some superstitious farmers also believe that, if they won't cultivate, Earth Goddess will curse them.

Vegetable cultivation in home garden
Vegetable cultivation in home garden

Cluster Farming Approach

Wherever clusters are formed by the farmers, to strengthen them there is integration. Wherever there are no clusters, forming new clusters must be done pertinently. Teamwork has more advantages as far as the entire team has a mission to complete. Instead of working isolated, single individuals the team has got strength in the socio-political scenario. Here, the thrust is to fight against hunger.

Food is the Basic Need

Now the post-pandemic world has a lot of demand for money. Rebuilding the setups got crumbled due to lockdown which needs a lot of extra resources. Already considerable time and resources have gone wasted due to inevitable lockdown. The entire world economy has receded by about 10 years in time scale. As long as there is a scarcity of the basic resources like food, water, energy, shelter and freedom to work, anything becomes tiny in front of the huge demand for the basic needs. Therefore, we can consider food as one of the very important needs of the world.

Global Food Reserves

Growing crops is season bound. If the available food from the global pool is wisely utilised, then while the crop harvesting starts, it can be made up to compensate the deficits in reserves.

Growing more is the usual practice. But now, grow more in every inch of land, utilizing the carrying capacity of the earth, should be the target. Once we grow more, there is always a chance to have enough food without shortage. When the target is much more, the approach also has to be in tune with the demand.

In view of the increasing demand for food, the responsibility in the shoulders of the farmers is enormous. Now, it is time to cooperate and show our maximum capacity to produce the potential target.

Technology Support

  • Utilizing the best available seeds and sharing with those who are in need of seeds is the best option to increase crop cultivation everywhere.
  • Sharing and leasing of land for those who come forward to grow would be a noble venture.
  • Mobile phone-based decision support systems and farmer’s chat-bots will extend information on fingertips.
  • There are different methods to preserve perishable crops by means of processing technology. There is also a method of natural processing which is very good if done properly. Natural processing done in a clean and hygienic environment will be good for health.
  • Furthermore, serious efforts have to be taken for conserving the harvests without damaging them.
  • If we are cultivating only for remuneration, then we must also do value addition. Prepare very good products out of your crops which will satisfy the food needs of the consumers.
  • Consumers should honour the hard work of the farmers by not wasting a single food grain. Food saved will be useful for the alleviation of hunger in other parts of the world.

Chillies in the field
Chillies in the field

Medicinal Crops

Just like the food crops with the medicinal crops are also very important. There is some reconsideration in the Western world regarding the use of medicinal plants for immunity building and good health. To the extent possible, grow the home remedies and herbal remedies in your kitchen garden. Various processes are available for extracting the phytochemical at home and preserving the medicinal plants without damage. Knowing the exact procedure of extraction of phytochemical principles will enable the growers to get highly remunerative prices.

Proactive Action is Essential

Now, it is not the time to wait for the governments to come forward and promote the various programmes. It is the personal initiative which will be actually most essential for success. Let us all join our hands to help the governments to overcome the economic crisis which may otherwise result in catastrophe.

“Have a self-sustaining and helping attitude to rebuild economies from grassroots level”.

Okra plant flowering and fruiting
Okra plant flowering and fruiting

Low Cost Farming

We have to consider the present situations as the difficulties which have given way to new opportunities for finding new options for development. Cutting off unwanted costs for parties, ceremonies, weddings, meetings, and the like, have to be considered as an unwanted expenditure. Such funds can be spared to the farmers for their initial capital for starting the cultivation in a big way to boost production. Involvement of the scientists from the farm science centres under the government will be of added strength to the farming community.

Quality Conscious Pricing Approach

Farmer producer organisations, as well as the clusters, have to produce high-quality products and bargain for competitive price in the market. Official system support to them will get a premium price for high-quality products with no doubt utilizing the power of the Internet. Market prices of many inputs are bound to increase and the purchasing power will be really under challenge. Due to this aspect, the farm gate revenue will be less compared to other comfortable economic times. However, global minimum procurement and sales price has to be fixed. Bringing the IT solutions for doing carious value chain systems will have an upper hand where the differences between the purchasing and selling prices will go to the government for development. Involvement of private agencies for the commission will cause considerable price fluctuations and will end up in unprecedented situations. Private agencies may not have a commitment for the social cause.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are always considered with least importance by the agencies. In fact, they play a vital role in maintaining the health of individuals. Those crops play the same role as that of food grains in solving the hunger problem and also in addressing nutrition issues. Fruits are becoming healthy alternatives for food items of urban younger generations. For the elderly generations who have fewer options due to health reasons, once again fruits and vegetables are the alternatives.

High-tech farming in terraces and Agritecture in various places of house are the current trend in the urban areas. Doing this not only gives you good exercise and yield of fresh vegetables but also saves on transportation, fuel cost and urban pollution. Green plants are also efficient carbon dioxide sinks.

In the predominantly agrarian base of many nations in the world, is the involvement of farmers in economic upliftment beneficial?

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The situation warrants proper plans for growing crops as well as calendars for food, fruits and vegetable requirements for various global markets. Entire global farms can serve various markets in the present global economy. If high-quality crop supply is ensured it is the best support for human life. Let us hope that the cropping system will perform very well so that half of the burden is relieved from the government administration to tackle developmental issues.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Halemane Muralikrishna


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