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Feng Shui: Basic Beginner Course, Amateur Home Hobby

Updated on January 4, 2017

Today, people like to learn a basic course or amateur hobby for personal growth. In particular, ancient wisdom has become a popular hobby. Did you know that feng shui is becoming an increasingly sought after home hobby? Instead of attending specialized school or formal sessions, you can enroll in online feng shui course at home. Ancient wisdom has found great appeal in modern lives. Learning feng shui is not merely past time but has practical benefits. It enhances our physical, spiritual and material well being like a mystery cure.

Feng Shui: Basic Knowledge for Beginner

Feng Shui – Basic Questions for Amateurs

Do you believe that the environment can affect your fortune/relationship/work/family?

Can we avoid undesirable happenings by changing our living space?

Can I maximize my well being by modifying the home or office layout?

If you are keen on answering these questions, try feng shui training. Feng shui helps you understand the relationship between the environment and yourself. Uncover the mystery of spatial harmony. Invite positive chi into your life. Achieve tangible results with feng shui. Find out how to harness your surroundings to your best advantage. Feng shui can bring happiness and prosperity to your life not by magic, rather by effort and planning. Feng Shui can be used in:

  • home
  • business
  • Public places

How Feng Shui Works - Beginner

Feng Shui – Ancient Art

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of positioning objects favourably in buildings. It is based on the duality of the positive and negative forces of nature. In fact, those forces are represented by the yin and yang. The flow of these vital forces or chi determines how well you will live. Did you know that feng shui literally translates as "wind-water" in English? If one achieves a balance of these elements, your life would improve significantly. By reverse, if these elements are at opposing ends of one another, adverse conditions can happen.

Feng Shui Course, Fun Home Hobby for Amateur

Feng Shui – Science of Human and Environment

Feng shui is a science. It focuses on the delicate interaction between human and the environment. Feng shui enables you to capture these energies to attain better quality of life. By positioning and designing your surroundings in congruence with the law of nature, your luck improves; your opportunity increases; your energy bounces back. The goal is to achieve equlaibrium with the environment. Feng shui is practical knowledge. It helps your life and your work.  

Basic Feng Shui Understanding for Beginner

Feng Shui – Art of Object Placement

Feng Shui is the art of object placement. If you immerse in feng shui training, you will discover that the relationship between your furniture placement and your well being. In other words, how you place your furniture or objects can affect your life experience and happiness. Feng Shui offers a way of bringing balance, comfort, and serenity into your environment, which ultimately enhances your life.

Feng Shui does not / will not

  • not give you an immediate solution to your personal problem. Changes take time and perseverance and patience.
  • not a get rich quick method. It does not guarantee any monetary gains. Wealth is as much based on individual action than on anything.
  • not based on any superstitious or magical belief. It is not a new age faith that turns you away from your immediate life. It is real and practical and not based on religion.


Feng Shui Consultant

Using a special Chinese compass and making calculations based on a person’s date of birth, a Feng Shui consultant analyses the relationships between people and the chi of the building where they live or work. Today, many people have some basic understanding of Chi, Yin Yang. Those who are feng shui enthusiastic know even more including the Five Element. Undeniably, this ancient art has a deep root. Many people have an unspoken appreciation of such Asian wisdom. If you share this appreciation, why not try the feng shui consultants.

How Leading Feng Shui Practitiners Do Consultations - Australia

Feng Shui Training - Home hobby

Increasingly more people look for feng shui training as a fun home hobby. Others consult Feng Shui expert as in the hopes of boosting health, finances, work, and relationships. Did you know that some of the well known and powerful people, i.e., Hollywood stars rely on feng shui consultation? For example, Paula Abdul used a feng shui guide to help improve the chi flow of the show the American Idol. There are many online resources on feng shui training. Check them out. It is fun learning, you gain practical knowledge. More importantly, you reap concrete benefits in your life, work and relationship. Start a wholesome life with feng shui training.


Feng Shui Schools – Study Course for Beginners

There are many online feng shui courses that you can take. In all, they fall into these:

  • how to attract or improve relationship
  • I Ching
  • Positive and negative chi
  • Yin and Yan harmony
  • 5 element theory
  • Enhance health and wellness
  • principles of interior arrangement
  • Stress relief
  • Invite wealth to your home
  • self healing

Benefits of Feng Shui Training

  1. pursue a sensible way of living with the environment.  
  2. connect our inner soul with nature
  3. learn simple and inexpensive methods to improve health, wealth and vitality.


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    • Fengshoot profile image

      Fengshoot 5 years ago

      Thank You this article is so helpful, Another Idea to decorate my house.

    • Connie Ho profile image

      Connie Ho 7 years ago from Quebec, Canada

      Thanks for reading it, just the basics. I really believe that the environment, cosmic energy and spirituality play a vital role in your well being!

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      Wow, this is a fantastic primer for anyone interested in knowing more about Feng Shui, you explain it so well. I like the chart here too, I have been looking out for this, and it's great to see it right here in this Hub! Cheers!

    • Connie Ho profile image

      Connie Ho 7 years ago from Quebec, Canada

      Thanks mary for liking it. Feng Shui can really enhance our well being!

    • profile image

      MaryRenee 7 years ago

      Connie: Wonderful hub, thank you so much for sharing this! :)