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I Am Special- The Five Senses Lesson Plans

Updated on February 17, 2015
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Christine, a wife, mother and homemaker for over 30 years, has an NVQ3 in Childcare & Education & loves cooking, music, health & nutrition.


Making Sense Of Me And This Wonderful World!

The five Making Sense Lesson Plans explore this theme further by looking at the five senses and teaching children to wonder and delight in their own abilities to sensually discover and appreciate the things around them. Although I believe that children need to learn to control their expressions of enthusiasm and passion, they also need to be inspired to utilise them and nurture a love for life.

Sadly many children have little opportunity to use their senses to the full, due to travelling from a to b in a hurry and too often in enclosed vehicles where they are hardly able to see their world, let alone feel, smell, taste or listen to it. Our modern computers provide many amazing opportunities for us all, but we need to treasure and guard opportunities to experience the world naturally rather than virtually.

I hope you have as much fun with these Making Sense Lesson Plans as we did in creating and testing them! This lesson plan can be used either as an introduction or summing up.

I Am Special - Can you say this? Do you believe it?

If you want to teach someone else something, you need to believe it yourself! The more I look at the five senses, the more I realize that I am wonderfully made. I am no accident. How about you?

Do you believe that you are special?

See results

A Game To Introduce Our Wonderful World - and everything in it

Hide an assorment of soft toy animals around the room and get the children to bring them back into the group, saying what each animal is.

Can they see, hear, smell, taste and touch? How do they do these things differently to us?

Put them away and explain that they will be playing a role in the story today.

Songtime- Sing these wacky songs that everyone will love

Sing Along With Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes -

Introducing The Five Senses With Children

Ask if they can tell you their five senses

Get This Lovely Book Here To Tell The Story

Wonderful Earth
Wonderful Earth

A wonderful telling of the creation of the earth with plenty of interactive illustrations that will surprise and excite the readers. I especially love the bit where is explains that after God made all the plants and animals- he made something REALLY amazing! ....Ages 3-9


I Am Special- The Story - Excite your children with this explanation of how wonderfully they are made

Give them the opportunity to hear the story of creation. They are guaranteed to love this version! It lends itself to using props and lots of drama to get them involved and it also gives the scientific view of our need to look after the earth.

  • When it says that light was created- you could turn on the lights!
  • Use balls and a globe for the sun, moon and earth
  • Use a waterpistol for water, rain and mist
  • Use a large magnifying glass and look down from standing on a chair at a green cloth/blanket on the floor for forests and plant life
  • Get them all to roar when the big lion appears
  • Use a wig for animals with lots of hair, plus an assortment of soft toys for some of the animals
  • Use your arms to make the wide mouth of a crocodile or to express their large size
  • Make appropriate animal noises and hisses
  • Fall off a chair to illustrate birds that can't fly
  • Flap wings to fly whilst mouthing a fish
  • At the end, use a big plastic mirror (or the one in the book) to peer in
  • Take your hat off to the best masterpiece at the end!

The Globe

Learning Resources Inflatable 12 inch Globe
Learning Resources Inflatable 12 inch Globe

Can be used for the storytime and used time and again and stored deflated when not in use.


Arts & Crafts For Kids- Making Animal Faces And The World - Give each child a paper plate and an assortment of wool, crepe paper, felt pens etc.

Get them to draw a picture of the world (copy from the globe or storytime book above) on one side of their plate and then make their favorite animal face on the other. You could write a caption on a sticky label to stick on if there is room.

Alternative Arts & Crafts for older children

Cover a blown-up balloon with paper mache (glue on torn-up pieces of newspaper) and when dried paint it sea blue then draw shapes of the seven continents, colour and glue on. Afterwards you can use a small pin to pop the balloon inside.

The Five Senses Guestbook - I love to read your comments!

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    • Joanna14 profile image

      Christine Hulme 4 years ago from SE Kent, England

      @nicenet: Thank you Nicenet!

    • nicenet profile image

      nicey 4 years ago

      Good lesson plan for teachers like me. Thanks and I published your post on my blogger.

    • profile image

      moonlitta 4 years ago

      Adorable idea-the paper plates:)

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Love to do this with kids.

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 4 years ago from Canada

      Children do indeed have so very much to learn about life and about themselves. We sometimes forget that we have to take things down to the very basics when explaining things to them. The five senses being something that we generally just take for granted.