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fly through

Updated on December 17, 2012



We are on the high way of life.

Many are the mirages, even the pot holes,

but accident is more deadly.

Mirage is better than tempest upon the sea.

For below is the dept to overwhelm.

But God delivers even in the face of the storm.

Therefore God determines the chances of my victory.

He that keeps Israel neither sleep nor slumber.

Yes I know, to the alien victory seems illusive.

The way of victory is not easily found for the blur of life, has blur the chances of the choice of many.

It appear deceptive: bed of roses but far from the reality.

How many alien have ever achieve it before now and even to eternity?

Insight to such a state reveals, emptiness, and dejection.

No sure security but humiliation as an orphan.

From whence comes the help of the desperate?

For as a prey in hand of the mighty, victory is far.

If one closes his mouth, he will die like mere men.

A shout unto the supreme God a lone could save the alien and the wicked from condemnation.

For all your cry and shout no other man could hear.

If I were in your shoe I will shout once again: a shout for salvation,

For his ear is not deaf neither his hand short that he alone couldn't save.

For I know his loving tender hands will not fail to pull me back.

And as I came so close, I smelt his aura.

it is the aura of a loving God and my father.

And I came to know, that I have a loving father that will exchange my weakness for his strength, and help me to navigate through life with great velocity in victory.

Just because of His compass of his word: the light of his truth, that shines upon all my way.

His compassion never fails.

My accuracy and speed is the factor of his favor .

Mirage is defined, accident is eliminated.

Now I know, the presence of this invisible cannot be questioned.


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