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how to flash nokia phones using navifirm and phoenix software

Updated on December 13, 2011

Hi! i would like to share, how you can flash your nokia phones when it becomes dead(i.e.,when your software goes booooom).

Well i have nokia 5220 xpress music(yuck....! a sluggish phone that i have never seen before). Now you may be thinking if its so disgusting then why not try other phones like nokia n8 or e7.....oooh!my gosh!, be reasonable 'm still a student yaar.....

How Naviform works...

Ok,coming back to business...what i did is..i downloaded nokia phoenix service software (initially i tried the usual version but i couldn't install it in my windows 7 notebook, later i tried the cracked version and it worked). After that i downloaded the software "navifirm".

  • Now when i was all done including its installations, i opened navifirm. You will see it has 4 vertically divided blocks. In the first block when you wait for couple of seconds(your internet connections should be fast), you would see the list of phones popping up. Now choose your phone with its correct code( you can get it when you press *#0000# or see on the back of the phone after removing the battery....mine is RM-411). When you click on your phone now, then in the 2nd block you would see its versions or releases(just check*#0000# or if your phone is unable to start then a little bit of googling would get you the result...mine is v07.23).

  • Now click yours and in the 3rd block you will see the list of variants or languages of software, i mean its origin, select yours(well for me i choosed the euro red version as my phone is a red model of 5220xpress music, if you want to be specific then just check its another code written on the back of the phone on its right side just on the another side of the previous code you saw.....mine is 0573561).Now when you click it you would get a list of your phones firmware popping up in the top of 4th block. Click mark all and click download.But check its destination,mostly it would be in some folder of navifirm.Now let the download finish. Once it finishes, minimize navifirm and go to downloaded destination folder,open it and copy all its contains.

How phoenix works...

  • I hope phoenix must be getting bored now,so lets get to him. Open c:/program files/nokia/phoenix/products and create a folder in it and name it as RM-xxx(according to your phone's code).Now paste the contains in this folder which you have copied from navifirm folder. Now connect your phone using usb data cable. Check whether cable connectivity driver is installed in your pc.

  • Now launch phoenix and open file\scan product.If you are unable to click on scan product,then go to product and click on product details.A series of product's details would pop up. Now select scan product.In connections box select your usb,bearing your phone code. Now select flashing/firmware update. A window will pop up and phoenix will automatically search the official firmware. If it doesn't then just click on the square button next to product code. Now all the 3 boxes will be filled with the products desired details. When everything is fine till now, then just click refurbish. The installations will start. Wait until you get a successful message.

  • Press ok and now your phone will restart automatically and hurrahhhhhh..............!!!!!!! everything is fine as before..........

  • note:

  • i suggest u not to try when your phone is in warranty, as any problem occurs in your phone and the customer care technicians finds out that you have messed up with the firmware then they would likely cease your warranty.

  • try to use the best compatibile phoenix software version for your phone.

  • success not 100% guaranteed.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great job ! Works fine , just follow the steps !

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Yeah this doesn't work

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I can't find scan product...I looked into file and product both...

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      does it works fine with nokia 5230?? RM-588???


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