The theory of schoolitivity - Must we confine to one way of learning?

  1. XactScienZ profile image66
    XactScienZposted 5 years ago

    Have you ever learned a new skill or something useful from online sources? If so, do you prefer it over traditional learning (e.g school, books, community interaction)?

    Also, think closely on where you have been with your education. Where has it taken you and does it satisfy your hunger for knowledge? More importantly, think about your teachers you have had and whether or not you agreed with their methods on learning at the time.

    Teaching methods have changed dramatically over time as newly developed concepts and technological venues have appeared. Though what frightens me is one thing has remained the same. That is; your education has a time limit. When you take a course regardless what it is or where it's at. The problem some people face is the limit of time they have to learn something new. For example, you have an English course and your asked to write 3 essays before the end of the semester. The catch is the teacher puts a limit on when each essay needs to be finished; a date and time to have it turned in by. You do not have the full semester to grasp the concept of each essay or to make changes to a rough draft and get writing help. Instead you have a week, or maybe two. Evidently test scores in classes are proof of the decline in our learning capabilities. The time you have to learn it is one reason, and the other is teachers personal perspective (but that is a whole new subject, don't get me started).

    So, generally what I am getting at is; what is your take on the way we learn today. There are other options to learn out there, but not every option. Limitation is becoming a chronic stigma to our developing minds, "I'm sorry, did I not grasp the concept of Quantum Mechanics fast enough for you?".

    You decide, since I clearly need time to understand things myself. Technology and online learning has made it easier, but traditional education and teachers structure has made it worse in my experience.

  2. Nouveau Skeptic profile image76
    Nouveau Skepticposted 5 years ago

    I don;t think i really needed to agree with my teachers methods of teaching.  i was their to gain certain skills and I was adaptable when it came to how this would done.  The methods they used ranged where successful so I have no major complaints.  The methods a student prefers vary idiosyncratically--no one method is best for everyone.