How to Learn English Four Times Faster

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    bridge2englishposted 9 years ago

    Most language books are written by linguists for linguists. It is very difficult for linguists to understand the difficulties non-linguists have in learning a language. They cannot understand that what was easy for them to learn is extremely difficult for others. You know that most adult learners don't want to be linguists. So first create the right habits and discover how to learn English naturally. If you wish to achieve your goal of speaking fluently in English without becoming a linguist and be an active and successful netizen of the Global economy you need to reevaluate your beliefs and the advice of leading language companies and linguists. Their advice is given to potential linguists and is not applicable to you. Here is the proof:

        * 90% of adults consider themselves as language-incapable because conventional methods based on memorization and grammar rarely give the desired results.
        * Cross-translation is the main barrier in acquiring a foreign language.
        * Conventional methods don't even mention this problem because they are not capable of providing a means of overcoming subconscious cross-translation.

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      WHoArtNowposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Can you post a link to the research that found about the 90% please.

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      Anglu Kalbosposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I don't know how about these 90 percent but those suggestions are true.
      You can check this out:
      Effortless English

      Or you can read and listen a book online for free:
      The Way of the Linguist: A Language Learning Odyssey

      This book is not for linguists wink