Missing historical artifact from USS Missouri

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    UnnamedHaraldposted 4 years ago

    In response to my hub about the Kamikaze attack on the USS Missouri during WW2, Leonard Brodt left this appeal:

    "I was first loader on quad 14 barrel number three,USS Missouri.A.J.Wysocki was on quad 17 and he confiscated Setsu IShino's Helmet after he struck quad 17 for a souvenir and we need to all get together on our computers to locate it as it was given to a museum which has since closed and lost possession of it.Google USS Missouri Kamikazi Helmet to locate it as it has to be in someones hands. And the USS Missouri's museum has need of it for accurate history information.!!"

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      UnnamedHaraldposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Also, another request from Lenny:

      "UnnamedHarald, Thanks so much for your effort.!!! And now we need to be in touch with Lee Nickelson whose relative Howard Chandler picked up among the debris a knife with Japanese markings on it and we can show it to Setsuo Ishino's friends and relatives to find out if it was his or possibly two other pilots in Setsuo's group. Lee Nickelson has this knife and he will surely be happy to straighten out historical information.And his phone number is = 1-956-522-0189 .....Please run this info through also as I am not professional on my computer.!! Lenny"