Third-Grade Math Proficiency

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    Third-Grade Math Proficiency

    Checking data between multiple resources shows consistently between 2010 and 2014 that 21 to 44 percent of third-grade students fall below their state math proficiency standards. The data results include all results from the school districts tested.

    Competence in mathematics is essential for functioning in everyday life, as well as for success in our increasingly technological workplace. Students who take higher-level math and science courses, which will require strong fundamental skills in mathematics, are more likely to attend and complete college. Young people who transition into adulthood with limited mathematics skills are likely to find it difficult to function.

    This indicator shows the percentage of third-grade students who are proficient or above in mathematics based on the FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test) assessment scores. This distribution is based on data from 67 Florida counties. 

    While the gap between reading and math proficiency in the third-grade has narrowed, the gap widens as to how many students become proficient and how many do not meet proficiency level. A primary measure of a student’s future success is the reading and math level by third-grade level.
    Results do not reflect a decrease in school or student performance. The new assessments much more accurately address the rigorous demand of the Common Core and college/career readiness for the 21st century world that our students face.

    This means that educators, parents and students MUST work together to address these changes. Educators must develop and use more innovative methodology, utilizing technology combined with past and newly developed curriculum that meets the needs of ALL students and learning styles. Parents must work closely with educators to track and develop learning goals and plans for their children. Students must learn how to take ownership of their educational journeys that will help educators inspire them to greater learning goals.

    Companies like Microsoft Partners in Learning and others taking the lead to place education in the forefront, providing funding, free tools, technology and other resources will allow educators to develop innovative practices and curriculum that will enhance learning and allow ALL students to achieve the proficiency needed to compete not only in school but in the future.

    We must all join together to increase student performance. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to ensure that students are prepared for their future tomorrow – Today!!

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