"Fruitvale Station"

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    mtkomoriposted 2 years ago

    (Alert: Contains spoilers)

    Just saw the movie "Fruitvale Station" on DVD. Found it to be very disturbing especially because the death of Oscar was set off by a small (meaning "not serious") incident: an argument/fight between Oscar and a former inmate inside the subway. It all happened too quickly but the root cause for this tragedy was the racial hatred that exists among whites towards African Americans. The policeman that shot Oscar "went too far" but would he have done the same if Oscar was white???

    This documentary clearly demonstrates hate crime carried out by the hands of the authority, the police. Sadly, we see this type of tragedy in the U.S. repeatedly:  African Americans treated brutally by white policemen.

    Can anything be done to stop this kind of tragedy being repeated over and over again?