hey, what is 'Pride' in scottish gaelic?

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    jonnyummeposted 8 years ago

    hey, what is 'Pride'  in scottish gaelic?

    i know its 'Brod' in irish gaelic, was wondering if its the same as the scottish one. thanks.

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    Raylis589posted 8 years ago

    depends on what kind of pride I suppose. Here are a few for you straight from a dictionary:

    féin-uaill :    nf. g.+e, self-pride
    leòm      :      nf. g. leòime; d. leòim, pride, conceit, vainglory
    moit     :       nf. g.+e, sulkiness, pride, pettishness
    mòrchuis    : nf. pride, splendour; ambition
    pròis         :   nf. g.+e, pride, haughtiness
    pròiseil    :a. prideful, haughty
    stràic:    nf. g.+e, pride, a swell of anger
    uabhar    :nm. g.v. -air, pride, vainglory, insolence
    uaibhreas      : nm. g.v. -eis, pride, pomp, vainglory
    uaill         :   nf. g.+e, vainglory, pride, vanity
    àrdan    :nm. g.v. -ain, pride, haughtiness, anger

    Source: http://www2.smo.uhi.ac.uk/gaidhlig/facl … is_saor=on

    and: http://www.lexilogos.com/english/gaelic … ionary.htm