Captian's Mast or Court Martial?

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    rebeccablumerposted 8 years ago

    Captian's Mast or Court Martial?

    On friday night I was arrested for dui. The thing is, I only had 3 beers and believe I was drugged and sexually assaulted. After getting out of jail I requested a toxicology screening, however the tests were done 18 hours after my last memory. The urinalsis came back negative for everything. NCIS is investigating and upon the release of the blood results, I will then be charged if it comes back negative. I have witnesses saying I didn't drink to the point of blackout and I called for help staying someone was hurting me. They are threatening to make an example of me and kick me out.

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    W.R. Shinnposted 6 years ago

    rebeccablumer... what is the question?  and since it's a year later, what was the outcome.  I hate injustice!!