what does this stamp mean?... alpaca plateado pesa mex

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    mbeth1026posted 8 years ago

    what does this stamp mean?... alpaca plateado pesa mex

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    Silver_Lotusposted 8 years ago

    Hi. I'm sorry I wasn't able to respond sooner - to be honest, I just learned today that hubpages has this questions feature, so I didn't know you'd asked a question. Your hallmark means the item is made from "alpaca silver" - here's an explanation.

    ALPACA SILVER   is a trade name for nickel silver and for electro plated nickel silver. Originally a trademark of Berndorf AG., it is now used as a generic name for nickel silver, especially in Germany and Scandinavian countries. Often mistakenly written Alpaca. Also called New Silver.  There are many different formulations of alloys which fall within the general term of "Nickel Silver". All contain copper, nickel and zinc, while some formulations may additionally include antimony, tin, lead or cadmium. A representative formulation (Alloy No.752) is 65% copper, 18% nickel, 17% zinc. (Reference - Wikipedia Encyclopedia)

    Again, sorry for the delay!