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which therapy approach contrasts with existential therapy?

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    scnettles0629posted 7 years ago

    which therapy approach contrasts with existential therapy?

    i am doing a paper for school and i need to contrast a theory aganst existential theory

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    ru blogposted 7 years ago

    Existentialism is the philosophy of the human condition.  Basically, we are responsible for finding our own meaning to life and can only exist by doing so.  I am guessing that a therapeutic approach contrasting such thought would be something along the lines of nihilism.  In other words, the thought that nothing is really wrong or right, no moral relativism. Nihilism does not infer meaning thus completely contrasting the search in existentialism.

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    Kevin Schofieldposted 7 years ago

    Existential therapy is predicated on the belief that human beings have the capacity for self-determination, self-creation and self-actualization. Classical psychoanalysis and Behaviorism maintain the opposite, ie, that human beings are determined by internal and/or external forces that are beyond their control. Carl Rogers founded the Human Potential Movement in opposition to what he perceived as the dehumanizing effects of psychoanalysis and behaviourism, and he acknowledged that his approach was essentially existential. I hope this is of some help, and good luck with your paper.

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    varun2145posted 7 years ago

    Existentialism is a philosophy which emphasizes on human existence above it's essence. Existentialists believe that existence precedes essence i.e. you just exist and then you figure out or try to figure out what yo have to do. From this notion many existential theories are churned out.

    So in a manner of opposition following theories qualify:

    1) Religious theories and the philosophies related to creation of humans and universe by a God
    2) Theories that say that there is a larger purpose to this life
    3) Theories that believe that there are possibilities beyond human action that can be influenced in some manner.