Georgia's Governor Is Stealing Money From Teachers

  1. Georgiakevin profile image60
    Georgiakevinposted 8 years ago

    Atlanta journal reported yesterday that our Governor Purdue has told the state's school superintendents that their school employees must be furloughed for three days before December to help reduce the million dollar shortfall in the state's budget. I was just informed by my school district today that it is indeed true. I am so angry I could spit!

    More and more is expected of teachers but more and more we have become the whipping boys and girls. To wait til five days before the school year starts to force that on teachers is a slap in the face. Oh but they tell us we should just glad we have a job. I have a family and bills to pay.  I am sure my car and house lenders, to say nothing of my insurance company won't mind if I hold off paying them because I have had money stolen from me by the Governor?  I wonder how many more days he will furlough us during the year?

    We want the standard of education to rise and then we give it to the ones responsible for this? California's budget is worse than ours and what is taken a major hit? Education but then their budget has been a mess for most of the year so their educators were at least expecting a some of it. To Governor Purdue:I will be glad to work for free if you set the example with the same percentage of your paycheck donated to the state treasury, but until then I will remember you and your party come November!

  2. EDU 101 profile image59
    EDU 101posted 8 years ago

    I also live in Georgia but am unaffected because I am private school (hope we can still be friends wink). But I do feel for you, I hear hissing from all of my colleagues, I hear horror stories of messed up retirement and the like. I think Mr. Perdue is making a HUGE mistake by stepping on teacher's toes, we are fairly compliable people as a whole but when pushed too far (such as messing with family and retirement) we represent a very large population when you consider all of our neighbors, family, and friends. Mr. Perdue may have a swift kick coming his way for this poor choice in budget cutting.