Types of Roman Gladiators

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    slave222posted 7 years ago

    Types of Roman Gladiators

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    this are different types of gladiators

    Rudiarius (Free Gladiator)
    Tertiarius (Substitute Gladiator)
    Sagittarius (Mounted Bowman)
    Amazones - Female Gladiators
    Cataphractarius (Heavily protected gladiator)
    Gallus (Heavily armed Gladiator )
    Hoplomachi (Armed Fighters)
    Provocatores (Challengers Protected by a Breastplate)
    Samnites: (Large Shields and Plumed Helmets)
    Secutores (Slashers / Carvers)
    Scissores (Carvers - Short Swords)
    Murmillones (Gladius and Shield Gladiator)
    Dimachaeri (Gladiators With Two Swords)
    Thracian (Thrax - Curved Swords)
    Eques (Horseback And Sword Gladiator)
    Essedari (War-Chariot Fighters)
    Laquerarii (Lasso Fighters)
    Paegniarius: (Whip, Club and Shield Gladiator)
    Retiarii (Net Fighters)
    Velites (Fought in groups with Spears)
    Andabatae (Sight Restricted Gladiators)
    Bestiarii (Beast Fighters)
    Bustuarii (Funeral Gladiators)
    Naumachiarii ( Combatants in Sea-fights)
    Praegenarii (Opening Act Gladiators)
    Venatores (Wild Animal Hunters)
    Paegniarius (Animal Fighters with a Whip)

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    ankigarg87posted 7 years ago

    Different types of Roman Gladiators are :

    Andabatae - Might have fought on horseback. They were protected by chainmail visored helmets with no eye holes.

    Bestiarii - Fought against wild animals, using spears originally.

    Bustuarii - These gladiators fought around the remains of a prominent deceased Roman, as a part of the funerary ritual

    Dimachaeri - Used two daggers in combat.

    Equites  - Known as the knights, they began combat on horseback, then threw down their lance. They then dismounted and fought on the ground with a gladius

    Essedari - Known as chariot fighters, their name comes from the Latin word for a Celtic chariot, esseda.

    Hoplomachi - These gladiators were heavily armed, wearing quilted leg wrappings, a loincloth, greaves, a right arm manica, and a brimmed helmet that featured a crest of feathers along the top.

    Laquerarii - Used a lasso to catch opponents. Also used a dagger.

    Murmillones - This type of gladiator sported a fish in the crest of his helmet, or a mormylos, hence the origin of the name. T

    Provocatores - The only gladiator to wear a breastplate, called a cardiophylax, the provacatore also wore a loincloth, a long greave on his left leg, a manica, and a helmet that sported a feather on each side.

    Sagittarii - Used a bow and arrow in combat.

    Retiarii - A retiarius fought naked except for a loincloth, a manica, and a galerus

    Thraces - A Thracian gladiator wore similar armor as the hoplomachi. the helmet was slightly different in that a griffin was featured on the front of the crest.

    Velites - This type of gladiator fought on foot, carrying a spear.