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How do you get a student to participate in class? What methods do you use?

  1. Treasuresofheaven profile image73
    Treasuresofheavenposted 7 years ago

    How do you get a student to participate in class?  What methods do you use?

  2. lotuslove19 profile image68
    lotuslove19posted 7 years ago

    be more impressive in your teaching ,the best way to do is to make the topics more participating ,let each child be the part of your teaching ,be more rhythmic and you will be amazed how children are participating and paying their attention in the class

  3. shazwellyn profile image55
    shazwellynposted 7 years ago

    Experiential learning.  It is about interaction, use games and have fun.  If you teach using all the senses, then the learning is effective.

    Have a theme and use different ways to get the message across - visual, auditory, experiencing, symbolic, interaction.

    I hope this helps smile

  4. juneaukid profile image77
    juneaukidposted 7 years ago

    I have a number of Chinese students from mainland China who were shy about answering questions on diagramming sentences in English. When I asked them to put a sentence on the board in Chinese characters, they smiled and quickly did so. Then I asked which character is the subject?, the verb? , the object?, the indirect object? They readily pointed them out and quickly diagrammed their sentences. Then they responded to English sentences quickly and efficiently.

  5. elizabeth21 profile image66
    elizabeth21posted 7 years ago

    I dunno what student of what age group you are talking about. But promoting competition is the best way to get the attention of all students according to me. I was recently researching about the same question as yours but for students of lower grades and found that encouraging them with a small gift would get them involved. It doesn't matter what gift you are gonno give.But all that matters is the amount of hype you create for it.  You can just start a competition like ,"The one who is gonno answer all questions that I ask will get something". That something  can be as small as a pencil but there is an inherent urge to get it.

    For small children I suggest you can gift them with squishies.


    But just ensure that the gift somehow goes to the less-bright ones too!