My sister has CHF, Diabetes, Gout,Venious leg problem, blood clotting problems,

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    realsistersposted 7 years ago

    My sister has CHF, Diabetes, Gout,Venious leg problem, blood clotting problems, her health is...

    not good. For the last couple of years, her legs are extremely painful & "weep" 24/7 (saturating baby diapers by the hour). The doctors are at a loss of what to do. Would this mean her future might be amputation?

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    RNMSNposted 7 years ago

    Diabetes is horrendous as I am sure you know/hopefully your sister is trying her best to keep her blood sugars well below 135? and her hemoglobin A1C at 6-7? The weeping can be either the CHF but I suspect it is due to venous stasis insufficiency....only your physician will know the real reason...but I bet he/she will say it started with the diabetes. Man I hate that disease!!! If your sister has blood clotting problems do you mean she has to take coumadin or plavix? I wuld suspect plavix as it is an antiplatelet often used in venous stasis insufficiency...The thing to do is see if her physician recommends compression hose...see bayoulady about her problems with lymphedema...this will answer questions about compression hose...but until her legs stop the weeping she would probably do well with unna boot wrapping twice a has zinc oxide in it...ask you MD/also ask for home health nurses to do wound care!! we can come out two to three times a week for that and also help you learn how to help your sister or whoever is close to the meantime watch for signs of infection, pain is the number one sign then redness, swelling,change in the colour of drainage,foul odor, finally increased temp...also watch her toes...dont let anything greasy or onintment or cream of any kind between her toes!!! and keep her feet as dry as a for changes in colour of her toes or one foot colder than the other...and take her meds with her to every MD appt and go often!!! No one knows if amputation is in her future be optimistic and an advocate and stay vigilant and keep her that way as well! Most importantly keep her going to the MD...ask for a vascular surgeon consult and get home health smile we are the BOMB!!! to toot my own horn //but of course the physician is the best of all...much love to you and your sister
    barbara b

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    Shahid Bukhariposted 7 years ago

    She is better than many ... I pray May God have Mercy on her Person ... may He heal her ...