I am a student of vernacular media in school life.I want to be more fluent in sp

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    mbbsposted 7 years ago

    I am a student of vernacular media in school life.I want to be more fluent in speaking...

    English...what should I do?

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    framistanposted 7 years ago

    Hello mbbs from FRAMISTAN! You might notice --  I have changed my avitar picture.  I have experience speaking to persons from India when I worked at AT&T as a Central Office Technician.  First, I want to mention that your WRITTEN English is already better than most native Americans!! You should be very proud of that.  I will tell you the SIMPLE thing you can do to improve your English and it is very easy to do. 

    All you have to do is SLOW DOWN.  Just speak SLOWER. ...  I know this is a problem with EVERY person i ever spoke to from INDIA !!!   When I spoke to persons of other nationalities, they have problems with certain pronunciations.  However, always with INDIA's technical people (on the phone). They always spoke English SO FAST that they run the words together.  The SLIGHT mis-pronunciation PLUS running the words together made it very difficult to communicate with the techs from INDIA.    While you speak... just give a small pause at the end of each word like this:

    Hello - my - name - is - FRAMISTAN.   ... don't say.....

    Do not be tempted to speak QUICKLY.  I suspect your native language must have some feature of speaking each word quickly??? .. anyway... just......slow.... down !!!