How can we memorize material well and for long time.

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    ahmad555posted 6 years ago

    How can we memorize material well and for long time.

    tell me about the memorizing things in a way that I never forget.And how can I incrase my concentration?

  2. Mathieu11 profile image50
    Mathieu11posted 6 years ago

    Your brain does a better job memorizing something when it feels that there is some importance to it.  For example, trying to recall a long list of random words without any context will be difficult. However, if you create a story that links all of those words together, your brain has a context which tells it "aha, this might be something meaningful worth remembering." It's the same reason that learning a foreign language is so much easier when you are actually living the foreign country -- every new word is associated with an experience, a place, or a thing that was important in your everyday life. With that kind of context it's much easier for your brain to find things important, and then it will do the hard work for you!