What 3 city states form a pact that controls the world

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    mintinfoposted 6 years ago

    What 3 city states form a pact that controls the world

    Clue: The world’s most powerful empire is not the USA. It is an empire that insiders call “Empire Of The City”


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    Shahid Bukhariposted 6 years ago

    Just as calling Cosa Nostra's mafiosi, the Controllers of "World Crime" is incorrect ... Similarly, to call a Coterie, composed of a few groups, composed of insane individuals ... as the Controllers of the world, is also quite wrong !

    The world ...  is much much more, than just Economics, Psychology, Technology, or the Knowhows of Politics, or the possessing of the Means of Information, and Applying it, via hired hands ... Because such Warfare ... is merely Mercenary activities, not Controls !

    Peace Controls ... !

    This Coterie of power crazed individuals, however, does not have any Moral, Geographical, or Politically definable Limits ... they are a very selfish, a people with tiny intellects, and have a definable state of mind ... a state, that madly follows an impossible Ambition ... The dream of  'controlling the world' ... !

    The world ... my friend, Is a vast, and far more complex Reality ... than what the criminal Coterie thinks, that thinks, it Controls the world ...

    At present, as in the past ... These Insane Coteries, composed of Criminals, have only held "HOSTAGE" ... the gullible kind of worldly kind of individuals ... 

    The Truth Is ... All humans, are God's Created humans ... we are all Equal, all of us are born Free ... but few of us ... become hostages ... in the web of "goodies" woven by these Spiders ... 

    These Spiders think, that flies and moths are the whole world ... as they first poison, and then suck up body fluids of the hapless ... entangled ... victims ... people !

    The Law, Controls the Universe ... where a tiny speck ...  earth is situated ... where some ambitious fools, physically control ... some individuals ...

    Though, you cannot stop a mad man from thinking ... or believing ... that he or she, is the king or the queen of the world ... can you ?