Academic assistance

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    ejike1posted 6 years ago

    Academic assistance

    Please can someone furnish me with articles, materials and journals concerning "Building Technology" as an under graduate course

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    ShaneMorrisposted 6 years ago

    Personally, I can't suggest you a series of articles or journals that are particular to 'technology, but I will say that if you have any access to a university or school's database system (EBSCOhost, Academic Premier, LexisAcademic, etc.) there is an absolute abundance of articles that can be searched. If you don't have access to these from a school log-in (such as Missouri State University's database system, which I use) then I know these systems are available for purchase, but I do not know the cost specifically. There are other database systems that are more low-key and are probably free, or you can just try your hand at Google or News sites because they won't cost you. I would suggest using scholarly or academic journals to get your information though, because they report solely on facts and have no bias in them for they aren't reporters or journalists making the articles. I wish you luck ejike!