What are your favorite projects about/for holidays to complete in school?

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    LearnFromMeposted 6 years ago

    What are your favorite projects about/for holidays to complete in school?

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    maharg1956posted 6 years ago

    I live in the centre of England and each summer I holiday on the north Cornish coast. I set my pupils the task of working out my holiday planning for me. I tell them the distance is 253 miles, that my car will average 45mpg and that whilst on holiday, I will travel a further 100 miles.

    Then, I tell them that petrol is £1.35 per litre (notice two different measures used for distance and the price of fuel). I then explain that I will average 60mph and I need to be in Padstow by 3pm. On my journey I will take a 45 minute stop at Bristol and a 20 minute stop just after Exeter.

    What time should I leave home to arrive at my holiday cottage for 3pm and what will my total petrol cost be for my holiday. Then, on the return journey, if I leave at 10am and make the same stops as on my first journey, what time can I expect to arrive home?

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    justateacherposted 6 years ago

    For Thanksgiving, I tell my students that I don't know how to cook, but that my whole family will be over for dinner. I then tell them that they need to help give me the directions on how to cook a turkey. Since they are kindergartners, I get great comments. One was "First you shoot the turkey...then you pull off all his feathers...then stick him in the oven for 3 hours at 3 degrees. Then eat the turkey!"
    For Christmas, we figure out how many gifts did the true love get (for younger students) and how much did it cost to pay for all the gifts (for the older students - there is a place online that you can get the average cost of the items per item.)
    As another activity that has nothing to do with a holiday, I have students write about how to make a peanut butter sandwich. I then make the sandwich exactly the way they tell me...example: if they say take the bread and put the peanut butter on it, I take they jar of peanut butter and place it on the unopened loaf of bread. Then I have all the students rewrite their directions until I can make the sandwich correctly....