On Group Emotions on Senior Citizens

  1. subrahmanian profile image61
    subrahmanianposted 9 years ago

    Group Emotions

    I'm a new member. 

    We must have here some good number of members if not each and every member bringing in some emotional features into the group so that we develop 'some mean emotions'. Humour alone wouldn't suffice. Slowly we must find better interaction and mutual help in the form of anecdotes, experiences and suggestions. Also local level group meetings

    We'll succeed and enjoy benefits as a group only when we share "some qualities and characteristics 'which signifies it from other groups'.  Why hesitate to come out with self criticisms right now?

    For instance, the seniors' problems centre around care givers. The problems are acute for women mostly. It's more likely that women of mid-life and older than younger ones feel burnout in jobs. Experience less control over the environments, tend to deny personal needs and have less effective strategies for coping with stress. It's found that with age, level of self confidence increases in women and decreases in men. Let there be a debate.

    In caring for an ageing parent(s), a daughter who's 'almost' independent confronts difficult times. Yes or No?

    We'd joint families, where the 'in-law status' was almost never  an impediment in care giving. A daughter-in-Law or daughter both were the same. Where have gone our 'single Athais and Chithis'? Care giving itself has vanished. Grandpas and grannys are in old age homes, unless needed for baby-sitting! Are we comfortable with nuclear families?

    In our system, some are having middle aged children  involved with their own families and some no longer have families - widows, widowers, and singles! Some are the elderly of our generation who have often find themselves sandwiched between their older, frail parents and their own children (a newer trend with the currently increasing ageing population).

    Is it the second stage of womens' movement? Are there more? Similar to 'feminine mystique' we Now have an 'age mystique'! It frustrates and depresses the Elderly by diminishing their self esteem and expectations. A popular view of ageing process more often denies them the very real vitality of both men and women by their sixties/ seventies and soon eighties!

    Too often 'ageing is associated with disease and unfortunately not with growth associated with ageing'.    .

  2. thesailor profile image74
    thesailorposted 8 years ago

    Subrahmanian, good day to you. I've just seen your topic after 5 months. My profile is also new here.

    This is already a hub. Why not publish it? I'm sure many will relate about the so-called Group Emotions among Senior Citizens.

    Here in the Philippines, Senior Citizens have monthly activities that keep them busy. Medical mission is the first priority because as people ages, diseases also accompany them.

    My mother  is one of the elderlies in our place. At 72, she's still very active in our place.


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