Start Your Culinary Career Online

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    amar001posted 8 years ago

    The culinary profession has several branches like baking and pastry arts, chef training and general cooking techniques. Students and staff working in this industry may go for higher education for career growth. An example is culinary management. Several institutions offer culinary management programs like Bachelor in Culinary Management. Other programs are also available based on student’s convenience and need.
    Culinary management deals with core functions of kitchens and dining rooms management. Though they are available through campus and online modes, the former may make more sense for beginners into this field. A key requisite expected from culinary management professionals is being generalists. They are expected to be aware of different roles and what they do in the institutions they serve. The program covers dining room operations, nutrition, current cuisine, food service management, employee turnover, shrinkage, food costing and hospitality managerial accounting.

    The outlook is bright for culinary management professionals. The food service industry is progressing well in growth and job openings as per Bureau of Labor Statistics. Culinary management professionals are in demand as growth of hospitality industry spearheads innovation in fine dining establishments. Salaries are wide ranging with middle 50 percent of workers making between $30,000 to $50,000 per year.

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    This is a new professional line !